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Certification Crash Course: Organic

"Organic." We've all heard of it, most of us know we should care about it. But is "eating organic" really that important, or has it just become a buzz word used to justify higher prices and a "healthier" lifestyle?

When you cut through the hype, there really are a lot of reasons why buying organically is the best choice for you and your family ⎯ especially your children. First of all, let's define what makes a product like TeaPops "certified organic."

It's not just about pesticides although that's a big part of it. Each and every ingredient that goes into a certified organic product must be background-checked and thoroughly vetted to ensure that the crops were not sprayed with synthetic pesticides or fertilized with chemical products. Additionally, ingredients must not be preserved artificially and must be handled in facilities that meet rigorous standards for cross-contamination. Pro-Cert, the governing body used to certify DeeBee's TeaPops, has a lengthy list of additional criteria, including:

  • No hormones or antibiotics
  • No GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Humane treatment of animals where applicable (TeaPops, however, are vegan!)
  • Preservation of ecological integrity (no exploiting the environment or land)

Certifying bodies like Pro-Cert also want to know what kind of products companies use inside their production facilities, from packaging to cleaning chemicals and pest management.

Now that we know what you're getting when you buy certified organic, what are you getting when you don't? Well, it's anybody's guess. Pesticides? Antibiotics? Hormones? Genetically modified ingredients? Maybe. Probably. These toxins can threaten our health as adults, and our children (whose bodies are more susceptible to toxins) are at an increased risk of experiencing potentially negative effects.

The good news is that the organic movement ⎯ once on the fringes of food culture now has major industry buy-in thanks to growing consumer demand. It's easier than ever to choose organic (unless you were buying groceries in the 1920s, that is). The recently established National Organic Week is an annual celebration featuring organic growers, producers, chefs, schools and companies across Canada. Throughout this week (September 2028), events are being hosted across the country to celebrate the return to organic agriculture and its positive impacts on communities, health and the environment. It's events like these that makes us at Deebee's proud of our dedication to using 100% organic ingredients and sustainable practices throughout our product line. To learn more about Organic Week and how you can take part, check out Organic Week's website.