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News: DeeBee's goes international

Our Canadian-based DeeBee's has gone stateside! Now folks are enjoying TeaPops in the Midwest, North Atlantic and throughout Florida. What has this leap meant for our founder Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker, and how does she still find time to volunteer at her kids' school? Good question.

When she created and began marketing TeaPops two years ago, ultra-busy mom and business woman Dionne had a goal: she wanted to launch TeaPops at Whole Foods, her family's favourite grocery chain and a company she felt mirrored DeeBee's values. Picture her thrill when she met the buyers for Whole Foods and they believed in her and her product enough to bring TeaPops into Whole Foods stores throughout British Columbia and the United States. TeaPops recently went south of the border where they are selling at Whole Foods ⎯ and fast, especially in sunny Florida. Stores throughout North America have caught onto TeaPops, and a bustling multi-national company has emerged from an idea Dionne and her sons conceived in their family kitchen only a year ago.

DeeBee's success has had a significant impact on Dionne's life and the lives of her friends and family. Her days are filled with business decisions from sunrise to sunset, a demanding combination of marketing, operations, finances and human resources. She works long hours and has had to be creative in order to fit everything in.

"I try to schedule my day around my kids as much as possible," says the mother of Joshua, 12, and David, 10. "Both my sons and my husband have traveled with me on business trips, and we try to focus on being a family first."

It's not easy, but this entrepreneur feels like she is living her dream of creating a company that sets the right examples for her family and shows that you can achieve what you set your heart on ⎯ and have fun doing it!