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News: Food waste campaign

As the DeeBee's team has been settling into our new offices, we have been discussin how we can achieve a zero-waste status. Researching the subject, we discovered that a significant amount of food is wasted before we even take home our groceries. According to David Suzuki, "Over 30 percent of fruits and vegetables in North America don't even make it onto store shelves because they're not pretty enough for picky consumers."

We found a story on Huffington Post about how Intermarché, France's third largest supermarket chain, was able to start changing perceptions on food beauty:

Inglorious Fruits And Vegetables Campaign Is A Work Of Delicious Genius

We hope you will think about your grocery shopping habits and not allow the pretty produce to distract you from the value within every fruit and vegetable.   Waste reduction starts with the healthy decisions we make; beginning, as always, in the produce section.


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