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News: Our Best Buddies in the south

At DeeBee's, we have a little love affair with California. For some of us (including our CEO, Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker), it's because of family connections throughout the Golden State, while for others, it's a love for the weather, scenery, food and wine. This week, our company has the honour and pleasure to share our DeeBee's goodness at an exclusive event in support of Best Buddies International. This non-profit organization is dedicated to creating opportunities for employment and leadership training for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It gets better. Award-winning journalist, Maria Shriver, is a long-time supporter of Best Buddies International since her brother Anthony Shriver established the organization in 1989. This year, DeeBee's will partner up with Maria to support the Best Buddies Challenge, which takes place in four cities across the United States, including the scenic ride, run or walk along the California Central Coast. We'll be at the 4th Annual Team Maria Benefit sharing our TeaPops with the people who support and make this event a success each year.

As a company, we believe that love makes the world go around. We are grateful to be sharing our love with individuals who need it and with people, like Maria, who are dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone.