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DeeBeeology: TeaPops v. Ice Cream Sandwiches

There's been a lot of buzz lately about the ice cream sandwich that doesn't melt in the sun. We were curious to see how our TeaPops measured up in our warm weather office. Well, after half an hour, all that remained on the plate was a pool of fruit puree, tea, our compostable TeaPop stick ⎯ and the ice cream sandwich in its frozen, solid state! One of the driving forces at DeeBee's is clean eating. Our ingredients are all natural, which is why they melt (as they should!)

How does a frozen food last out of the freezer for over an hour? What ingredients in said food would maintain its frozen, solid state at room temperature? The truth is: hundreds and thousands of products with questionable, unnatural ingredients exist in the marketplace ⎯ and in our kitchens. Knowing what ingredients are in the food we eat is becoming more and more of a priority to consumers, and our ice cream sandwich experiment reinforces the importance of this knowledge. As the awareness of ingredients increases and label-reading becomes the norm, these products will become less attractive. And as several recent nutrition articles have been suggesting, this negative press will likely affect ice cream sandwich sales.

Watch the video. Look at the photo. See for yourself. Heck, try the experiment yourself! We hope that by adding more noise to the subject, you may question why our foods even need ingredients like these (spoiler alert: they don't).