OUR Story

The idea for DeeBee's Organics first product was born on a spring afternoon in 2012. DeeBee's founder was in the kitchen with her two kids when her youngest asked to brew rooibos tea, and her eldest, who wanted to make a frozen pop, said, "Mommy! Let's make teacicles!" With that, they made the first ever TeaPops.

Backed with a PhD in maternal-fetal toxicology, she began creating clean, nutrition-packed TeaPops for her family. She and her husband, a surgeon, researched the extensive advantages of tea, experimented with fresh fruit combinations and in late 2013, launched DeeBee's Organics first award-winning product, TeaPops into grocery stores in British Columbia. Their little homemade venture has grown and DeeBee's products are now available in grocery shelves across Canada and parts of the United States.

One of the philosophies of the company is to create novel food ideas that incorporate health and taste. TeaPops and all DeeBee's products are the first of their kind in the marketplace. Not jammed with fillers like the "all-natural" alternatives, DeeBee's products are clean and pure because a loving mom wouldn't settle for anything less!

This journey has continued and now Dionne and her passionate team at DeeBee's Organics are crafting innovative snacks across various grocery categories from frozen to shelf stable products all with the common ground of simple, clean organic ingredients!

At DeeBee's Organics Centre For Research & Innovation, Dionne and her team are hard at work crafting the most delicious and nutritious foods to satisfy all tastes throughout the grocery store! As a scientist and a mother, Dionne is passionate about creating foods that are new, innovative, delicious, and truly disrupt the food industry. At DeeBee's Organics we strive to set the bar high so that others can learn from us and try to attain higher standards themselves. DeeBee's hope to start a movement toward healthier simple clean eating for all manufacturers as we develop foods to feed our nation. DeeBee's Organics aim is to set a new standard, we have been able to show the industry that there is no need to have all the "junk" in the food we eat, the additives will affect not only our own children but through epigenetics and other factors, the choices we make for ourselves and our families today will affect generations to come. Dionne was told at the outset that she could not accomplish the standard she aimed to reach, her me and she has!


The Pillars of our Pops

I. Ingredients

We craft our TeaPops and all of our products with real ingredients. No antibiotics, no hormones, no chemicals, no pesticides, no preservatives and no genetically modified ingredients. We read labels, and we believe a label shouldn't take longer to digest than your food. Ingredients shouldn't be impossible to pronounce. They shouldn't be questionable. They should be real, and they should be healthy. All DeeBee's Organics products are certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and kosher parve. They're sustainably sourced, made with the highest-quality teas, superfruits and other healthful ingredients. None of our products ever contain artificial colours or flavours and are low in calorie.

In the spirit of reading labels and educating ourselves and our families, DeeBee's is leading the charge on a new online initiative, #DareToCompare, which promotes mindful eating in the homes of families across North America. Reading food labels is essential to making smarter, healthier choices for you and your loved ones.

II. Philanthropy

From the outset Dionne was motivated to foster the success of the other people in her life that have helped DeeBee’s grow. The Baker family's caregiver for her children now runs the test kitchen at DeeBee's Centre for Research and Innovation under the guidance of the talented DeeBee's chef. One day Dionne hopes to buy her a house and help bring the rest of her family to Canada, and when she achieves that, and is able to see her walking in the front door of her own home, she knows she will feel like DeeBee's has arrived! Dionne's husband is an ophthalmologist and has also been a huge supporter as DeeBee's Organics has grown, he works full time and hard but he has been able to help Dionne with the kids as she flies around attending meetings to help grow DeeBee’s. What brings her to tears is the dream of getting to the place when his dream of volunteering with Orbis and performing eye surgeries to vulnerable populations in remote places where care might not be available comes to life. It’s not about owning the yacht; it’s about making a difference, countering all the negative in the world with something positive. Dionne and her team at DeeBee's Organics discovered that they naturally fit the standards set by the B Corporation and decided to become a certified B Corp and aim to make all business decisions around the power of business to solve environmental and social problems.

III. A Voice to Science

More than simply another food company, Dionne, her family and her team are contributing to a nutritional movement that gives a voice to science. Our healthful, innovative products are sparking conversation about nutrition, health and the scientific benefits of eating organically and all-naturally. We strive to communicate and educate through DeeBee's Organics. We can't wait to share our knowledge of food and how it affects our bodies with you.

It's not rocket science.

DeeBee's inspires and educates through the creation of delicious, nutritious food that helps to grow strong bodies, happy families and a healthy planet. Good Food Made By Good People!

B Corp

DeeBee's is one of Victoria, British Columbia's first registered B Corps and among 1,300 B Corps worldwide.

What is B Corp? B Corp is a voluntary certification, defining a new type of business, one that meets higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance. But it's bigger than a certification - it's about being the change in our communities, operating businesses beyond the triple-bottom line and giving back socially and environmentally. To learn more about what it means to be B Corp certified, visit the B Corp website.