Team DeeBee’s is seriously ready for the hot summer which is why we need a thirst quench! You’ve probably heard of strawberry lemonade, but did you know you can use our DeeBee’s Organics FruitPops in your drinks? It can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like it to be- from dipping a DeeBee’s Organics Strawberry Harvest Fruit Pop into a glass of lemonade to blending multiple flavors of our FruitPops into a glass of sparking water or lemonade and adding your favorite garnish! Here’s a recipe to try out! Ingredients: (serving size 1 person) 1 DeeBee’s Organic Strawberry Harvest Fruit Pop 3-5 oz of preferred vodka 1 freshly squeezed lemon 1 sliced strawberry 3 cups sparkling water (club soda works too) 1 slice of lemon for garnish       Steps: Start by putting the frozen Fruit Pop in the glass. This will give it

There might be some confusion around pesticides. Are they all evil? Are they nothing to be worried about?  At times, there are chemicals that are allowed onto the market before their impacts are understood- in other words, before the chemicals affect our health and environment years or even decades down the road. Today, the science is black and white that low levels of exposure to these chemicals can be detrimental to human health- especially children of farmers. First things first, we need to ask ourselves: What are pesticides? Pesticides are the substances used to ward off unwanted pests such as bugs, rodents, weeds and fungal pests. Pesticides are broken down in to four broad categories Insecticide: A chemical that kills unwanted pests and insects by getting inside an insect’s body where they then act like poison- known as dermal entry. They can