5 Ideas to Create Moments of Joy With Your Kids

Life can feel hectic at the best of times; with a global pandemic and more stress than ever on our shoulders, finding moments to embrace the present can feel impossible. As parents, it’s easy to get trapped in the day to day hustle of packing lunches, folding laundry, and making sure our kids are fed and out the door on time! While it may feel difficult, it’s in these moments in life where it's all the more important to take the time to intentionally create moments of joy and connect as a family.


In honour of Family Day, we’re sharing 5 simple ways to create tiny moments of joy. No complicated plans, expensive toys, or overwhelming checklists are needed to create magic that your kids will remember for a lifetime!


  • Take 10 minutes and connect with your kids. 

Especially if you have more than one kiddo, taking the time to connect one on one can be extra special. From spending 10 minutes engaged in their favourite activity, catching up on what’s new in their world, or cuddling on the couch to relax together - carving out a phone-free 10 minutes can make all the difference in your kid’s day. Want to make it extra special? Give your kid an afternoon with just mom or dad, building the unique relationships that parents and their kids have, indulging in their favourite treat, and spending uninterrupted time together. 

  • Learn about food together.  

There are lots of ways to teach your kids more about food. Watch them go wide-eyed when they see how a brussel sprout is really grown at the community garden, or try something new by cooking a kid-friendly recipe together. By taking the time to learn about where our food comes from, what we’re putting in our bodies, and how we can use food to fuel and heal our bodies, we become better connected with ourselves, our families, our traditions, and our communities

  • Take a dance break!

 From little ones to teens, there’s no better way to shake things up and bust out of a rut than a quick dance break! If your toddler loves The Wiggles, dance and clap to their favourite song. Teens not interested in a dance party? Learn the latest TikTok craze as a family - whether you nail or fail it, you’re guaranteed some laughs! 

  • Get outside.

No matter the weather, there’s always something fun that can be done outdoors. From playing in the rain, to taking a trip to the beach, or just a walk around the neighbourhood - getting fresh air helps you connect with each other while making memories in nature. 

  • Share a DeeBee’s on the front steps.

Take a moment for an unexpected treat, and take those DeeBee’s outside! Having an afternoon snack in a new spot will be a fun surprise for your kids, as well as helping to keep your kitchen clean from sticky fingers!


We are all striving to give your kids everything they want and need, but while we focus on the day to day grind, it’s important to carve out time to connect as a family - no expensive, long, or detailed plans necessary! By incorporating small moments of joy throughout your day, both you and your kids will benefit from the pockets of connection that make memories for a lifetime. 

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