Celebrating Family Love on Valentine's Day

We admit there’s a lot not to love about Valentine’s Day. Yes, there’s way too much unnecessary and sneaky sugar floating around, masquerading as ‘love.’ Yes, it’s an overly commercialized holiday. And yes, unfortunately the focus tends to be squarely on romantic love. 

So as parents, we’re making a stand, and we’re taking Valentine’s Day back! Because we can get behind a day set aside to celebrate love—as long as we’re celebrating love in all its forms, and connecting love with kindness towards ourselves, and towards others. 

In other words, we’re here for replacing candy hearts with fostering meaningful connections with those who matter most. 

Family Love on Valentine’s

Like we said, in popular culture, Valentine’s Day seems to be all about romance and steamy date nights. Don’t get us wrong—steamy date nights have their place! But there’s so much more to love than overpriced pasta. 

That’s why we like to shift the focus and talk to our children about how loved they are, and how important love is—love for their family, their friends, their neighbors, their pets, their grandparents and extended family. 

So forget date night, and use Valentine’s as a fun opportunity to celebrate how much your family loves each other. These ideas to create moments of your joy with your kids are a great place to start. 

All Love Is Love

It’s also important for children to understand that love comes in all shapes and sizes. To use the cliche, love really does come in all colors of the rainbow. 

At DeeBees, we aim to be a role model for using business for good, and we’re passionate about supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community.

Like our founder, Dr Dionne Laslo-Baker, says, “I have personally been so moved witnessing loved ones who are courageous enough to share their true identity or orientation. My instinct is to not only protect them from the cruelties in the world, but, more importantly, to eliminate the cruelty in the first place.”

If you are given the space to live your authentic life, the latest research suggests that you will thrive! And we should all endeavour to give all people this space.”  

One fun way to illustrate this concept with children is to make a mixed fruit salad together. Talk about how each fruit is different and special in its own way, and how they all come together to make something unique and wonderful. And the same is true for their family, and their friends’ families, and so on.

Fruit salad might not be a traditional Valentine’s Day dessert, but it can be a fun one. And perhaps more than welcome after a day of too much sugar. 


Finally, you’ve probably heard the concept that love is a ‘verb,’ not a ‘noun.’ In other words, loving someone should mean treating them kindly and with compassion. And Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to talk to children about ways to put their love into action. 

It’s why one of the ways we can help children be more confident at school is to encourage them to help others. Have them think about whether any of their classmates might be feeling left out. How can they extend them a little love this Valentine’s Day?

When it does come time to hand out the inevitable Valentines, opt for inclusive treats (ie.: ones that are allergy friendly), as well as ones that are hopefully healthy, organic, and free from added sugars (like our Superfruit Freezies, for example). Talk to your kids about why it’s important to make sure everyone feels included. 

And remember that organic farming isn’t just good for your children. Organic farming is important for children everywhere, including those who live on or near farms. Take this opportunity to talk to your children about how we can all try our best to make better choices to help other people and the planet. 

And don’t forget about being kind to yourself! Teaching your children self-compassion is critical for their mental and emotional health. Modeling self-care is a critical way to do this. 

For a little inspo, start with 3 easy ways to show your body some love this Valentine’s Day. Take care of yourself and your family, don’t forget the vitamins your body needs in winter, and have a Happy Valentine’s!

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