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When we send our kids to school, we want so much for them. We want them to learn and grow, of course, and to have the inner strength to be themselves. We also want them to remember that they’re loved, that we’re always with them, and that we’ve got their back—even when we’re not in the room, or even the building. 

That’s why we like to sweeten our kids’ lunches with personal touches that show we’re thinking of them. They’re a great way to foster more connection, and to give your child a mid-day confidence boost to boot. 

It’s the month of Valentine’s, when we're tempted to inundate our kids with red and pink treats filled with sneaky (and maybe not so sneaky!) sugars. What’s the alternative? To sweeten their lives with magic moments of joy, and to sweeten their lunchboxes with love, not candy.

Here are some simple ideas to make lunches more fun. They’ll only take you a few extra seconds when you’re preparing them, but trust us: a little goes a long way. 

Write Love Notes

Secret notes in their lunches give your kids something to look forward to, through the long mornings of having to sit still and pay attention. Especially if they’ve had a tough morning, how nice will it be to open up their lunch bag to see some loving words of encouragement from the person who knows them best?

Now that the days of paper lunch bags and paper napkins are behind us, where to write your love note? Our favorite spot is right on their banana! Yes - it’s generally safe to write on a banana peel, and you’ll find lots of inspo for banana notes on Pinterest. 

Whether they’re little puns, silly drawings, inspirational thoughts or a simple ‘I love you,’ these are the types of small gestures that really add up.

Sweet Sandwiches

Good old sandwiches are a lunch box staple, but no one would argue that they can’t get a little boring. The fix? Use a cookie cutter to cut them into fun shapes. Heart shapes are a great place to start, but any fun shapes will work. 

Color Themes

You know we love to #EatTheRainbow. It means we like to fill our kiddos’ meals and snacks with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors. It’s a fun way to ensure everyone is getting a balanced diet filled with all the nutrients they need. 

How about taking this concept one step further, and creating color themes for your child’s lunch? Spend a minute a minute together brainstorming what would work for ‘red’ day (we’re thinking apples, berries, maybe a veggie kabob with cherry tomatoes, and the ‘J’ in their ‘PB&J’). What works for a blue day? A green day? And so on. They can even wear the same color clothes to make their #EatTheRainbow lunch day. It’s a great way to get them invested in their lunch (and less likely to bring half of it home with them!).

Parents don’t need us to tell them how quickly time goes by, or how important it is to make the most of small moments. Once our children hit school-age, they have so many influences in their lives. That’s why we like to take the effort to make the times we can connect more meaningful. Send your child off to school with a mindfully-packed lunch, maybe some homemade muffins and a silly banana, and they’re going to feel like a winner, every day. 


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