How To Plan The Perfect Beach Day With Kids

We’ve already covered how to plan the perfect picnic and keep kids happy and well fed at the family BBQ. But now we’re really in the dog days of summer, and we bet all the kiddos (and you included) are clamouring for a beach day.


Kids always complicate plans, and beach days are no exception. But we’ve got you covered! Follow these simple tips to plan the perfect beach day for your family.


Plan the Perfect Picnic Tip #1: Stay Cool

Priority number #1 when at the beach is to stay cool. Part of staying cool is bringing a well packed cooler, but ice packs take up valuable cooler real estate. So our suggestion: use freezer pops instead! Our Organic Superfruit Freezies are clean-label with no added sugars. They fit easily into any gaps in a packed cooler, keeping everything around them cold (and word-to-the-wise: they’re still fun to eat even when they get a little melty!).


Be sure to bring lots of water, too. We like to add ice to a few bottles and leave them in the car. In our experience, everyone likes to have extra cold water waiting for them on the ride home.


We probably don’t need to remind you to lather everyone up with sunscreen, but here’s a pro-tip: apply it at home. This gives it time to sink in before hitting the beach, and it offers the added bonus of avoiding a sandy mess.


And another pro-tip for all the parents of kids who just won’t keep their sun hats on: tents or umbrellas are a great option. It’s so much more fun at the beach when you have your own private oasis.


Finally, try to go either early or late in the day, to avoid the sun when UV rays are at their strongest. Given the summer we’ve been having, you can likely plan on it still being quite hot!


Tip #2: Stay Well Fed

If you’ve packed your cooler with those freezer pops, then we bet that’s what your kids will reach for first.


But playing in the sun and waves tends to build up quite an appetite, so make sure you bring enough healthy snacks to keep everyone happy and energized. Try to think about sand-proof options like grapes or blueberries, which you can easily rinse off if they get sandy.


But since food – and fingers – will inevitably get sandy, don’t forget your wet wipes, preferably biodegradable ones.


Also think about swapping beach go-to’s of days gone by with some healthier options. Instead of soda, we love naturally essenced sparkling water from LaCroix. And everyone loves snacking on chips at the beach. Instead of greasy potato chips, grab a few bags of Late July chips instead, which offer vegetable, grain free and multigrain versions of the classics, all using organic and non-GMO ingredients.


And after a day in the sun, everyone’s going to come home a little tired, and maybe a little dehydrated. Be sure to have some of these five hydrating (and yummy) foods waiting at home.


Tip #3: Stay Happy 

Last but not least, remember to pack something to keep everyone entertained. For the kids, bring some beach toys, buckets and pails.  We try to source toys made with recycled plastic when possible, like these durable (and adorable) toys from Green Toys.


And don’t forget about yourself. Whether it’s a good book, a good playlist , or your bestie, make sure you have what you need for a great beach day, too!



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