Why Dr Dionne Is Passionate About Supporting the LGBTQ2S+ Community

A letter from our founder Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker to you, on why the rights and celebration of the LGBTQ2S+ community is so important to her. 


Dear DeeBee's Family, 

I’ve been reflecting on what diversity, inclusion, and supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community means to me.

I’ve always been passionate about being a role model for using business for good, and I believe part of that is standing up for diversity and championing inclusion every day of my life. That’s why supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community is so important to me – and now to DeeBee’s Organics. DeeBee’s celebrates diversity in all its forms, and we encourage everyone on our team to show up as their true, authentic selves every day. Our diversity and inclusion policy ensures that we actively and purposefully build diversity into our team and foster an environment where all genders, ages, identities, races, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and more are celebrated and respected.

We also devote time and fundraising energy to causes like Pride, The Trevor Project, Black Lives Matter, The Raven Project and the Indian Residential School Survivors Society on a regular basis. Our team take the time to participate in ongoing diversity training and education, and we strive to use what we’re learning to become a brand that puts love and positivity out into the world.

I have personally been so moved witnessing my loved ones' journeys and courage in sharing their true identity or orientation with the world. My initial instinct is to not only protect them from the cruelties in the world, but, more importantly, to eliminate the cruelty in the first place. We all deserve love and respect. If you are given the space to live your authentic life, I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will thrive! We should all endeavor to give people this space.

It is the world that needs to change, not the courageous people who are living their most authentic life. And I believe that one way of creating the change the world needs is to become is by visibly and daily showing my love and support for the LGTBQ2S+ community. I stand for children having a world where it is safe to fully embrace who they are. We can all contribute to ending the unfair shame and stigma that surrounds gender and sexual orientation.

One of my first favorite DeeBee's Organics experiences of showing my support was participating in Pride 2019 - the year before COVID-19 first hit. We really went to town that year! Our team decorated my car and attached a massive speaker on top. We danced beside my family and marched to the music, dressed up in all the colours we had, handed out SuperFruit freezies, and celebrated everyone being free in our world to love who they want to love and celebrate their true identity. In fact, we celebrate it now not only during Pride Month, and always! Since then, DeeBee's Organics has always marched in Pride, and will continue to. 

We at DeeBee’s Organics will never hold back in our strong support of giving everyone space to thrive and be their true, authentic self. We encourage you to join us in our passion and support for these beautiful people! 

With love, 
Dionne Laslo-Baker  

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