DeeBee’s DreamLauncher is an employee-driven initiative that weaves our staff’s ‘dreams of giving’ into the fabric of our business.  Dreamlauncher unites our team around thinking beyond ourselves and using our business for a greater good.

Each of our team members champions a special cause that is meaningful to them personally.  DeeBee’s supports & contributes to these initiatives with paid time for volunteering, in-kind donation and via contributions from our employee stock program.

How it works

Ultimate Goal:

Each of our staff have defined an ultimate ‘dream of giving’ they’d like to work towards.  After one year’s employment, all of our staff are awarded employee stock. A percentage of that stock is devoted to each team member’s give-back dream.  As profit dividends are earned, that percentage is designated to the charitable initiative or organization of choice

Annual Goal:

At the outset of the year, each DeeBee’s employee identifies a philanthropic or ‘give back’ goal that benefits the community or the world at large. The goal is meant to be personal, and driven by whatever feels most meaningful for them in their lives and in-line with their values. The goal must have measurable KPIs, and we encourage it to be ambitious and beyond a few days of volunteering. DeeBee’s supports these initiatives by providing resources such as paid time off,, donation-matching, hours from other employees or in-kind donations. The employee must document their work and present to the team on how it went, what they achieved and how it made them feel.