Background about DreamLauncher Program:

At the beginning, when I was still debating whether to start DeeBee’s Organics, my husband Steve and I were riding our bikes around Vancouver’s Stanley Park and talking about whether I should leave my career in science to pursue this new dream. Steve is an eye surgeon, and he was talking about his ultimate dream of doing a mission with the volunteer organization, Orbis — a state-of-the-art airplane-based operating room that takes volunteer eye surgeons around the world to restore sight in developing countries. I had an ‘Aha!’ moment that this new business venture could be the launchpad for Steve’s dream — one day funding him to be able to take a sabbatical from his practice and join Orbis. For me, this newfound meaning to my business idea gave me the jolt of excitement to jump in head-first, and go for it.   


Ever since then, I have looked at DeeBee’s as more than a business. I believe that each of us have dreams of giving back that are uniquely meaningful to us. And that given the time and resources, most of us would take an opportunity to give back to the world in a meaningful way.   


Today, DeeBee’s Organics’ DreamLauncher program is an employee-driven initiative that weaves our staff’s “dreams of giving” into the fabric of DeeBee’s Organics. We’re getting closer and closer to the day Steve can step onto that Orbis plane, and when he does, I’ll feel like I have “arrived”. I want our whole team to have that feeling, and the ability to work toward something bigger than themselves. Rather than just choose one “cause” to back as a company, each of our DeeBee’s team members champions a special cause that they select.  DeeBee’s supports and contributes to these select initiatives with donation matching, annual paid time for volunteering, and through designated charitable contributions linked to our employee stock option program.   


The DeeBee’s DreamLauncher Program has 3 pillars:

How it works

1) Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) & Employee Dream of Giving

After one year’s employment, our staff are awarded employee stock options. The ESOP program is a way for all employees to share in our financial success. In addition to this, DeeBee’s designates 5% worth of extra equity rights to each team member’s give-back dream.  Employees choose a charity, and after the equity rights are exercised, a cheque is delivered to the employee’s charity of choice in the equivalent value of those 5% equity rights .

2) Annual Action & Act of giving

At the outset of the year, each DeeBee’s Organics employee identifies a philanthropic annual goal that benefits the community or the world at large. The goal is meant to be personal, and driven by whatever feels most meaningful for them in their lives and in-line with their values. The annual goal must have measurable KPIs, and we encourage it to be ambitious. DeeBee’s supports these annual goal initiatives by providing 3 days of paid time off and by matching donations or fundraising efforts.  

3) Donation Matching.

DeeBee’s will match any donation or fundraising from annual employee initiatives.