How Fair Trade helps free trade work for the poor

Most people tend to think of coffee or chocolate when they hear Fair Trade, but those aren’t the only crops that can be certified. Other examples include tea, grains, nuts, fruits, and sugar. In DeeBee’s organic FruitPops, we use Fair Trade tea and cane sugar, which is certified through Fair Trade USA.

When you buy products with the Fair Trade logo, you are helping to support ethical global trade. Fair Trade supports farmers and workers in developing countries by using a market-based approach that gives farmers fair prices, workers safe conditions, and entire communities resources for fair, healthy and sustainable lives. Individuals working on Fair Trade farms are provided with fair labour conditions including sustainable wages, freedom of association, and no child labour.

When you choose products with the Fair Trade label, your day-to-day purchases can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives. This awareness and sense of responsibility for using business as a force for good is at the heart of DeeBee’s Organics principles. Which is why applicable ingredients that we use in our FruitPops are certified Fair Trade so that we can ensure that we are doing our part to make business a fair and equitable practice for everyone.

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