Our Story

Behind the Label: Meet Our Founder

When you see a product on a shelf—any product, a food, a magazine—there’s a whole story, soul and life behind every one of those things. For Deebee’s Organics, our story starts with PhD Medical Researcher Dr. Dionne Baker…and her family.

Kids: The Best Innovators

One afternoon, Dr. Dionne’s kids were busy in the kitchen, one making tea and the other making popsicles. There was an argument about who Mommy was to help, when her eldest shouted, “Mommy, let’s make Teasicles!” And there it was. An elegantly simple idea that inspired a brand built around novel, delicious treats with a commitment to clean ingredients. TeaPops were born, now known as DeeBee’s FruitPops, our product line has expanded to also include SuperFruit Freezies.

Today: Nostalgic treats with no compromise

What started as an idea to satisfy her kids’ cravings has in a handful of years grown to be one of Canada’s leading natural frozen novelty brands. “DeeBee’s Organics aims to recreate those treats we knew and loved as kids (but now wouldn’t dare feed our own children) into clean, short label, chemical free, delicious fruit-based treats for today’s modern family.” says Dr. Dionne. Look for even more new and exciting products coming to store shelves in 2019!

The Sweet Spot: Giving Back

In keeping with our brand’s commitment to authentic, family-friendly ingredients, a portion of DeeBee’s Organics proceeds support a variety of causes related to children’s health, as well as advocacy work with the LGBTQ community. We’re also proud to be a certified B-Corp!

Our Partnerships

We’ve teamed up with organizations who are supporting the production of healthier food in North America and the protection of the planet for future generations