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What is Dreamlauncher?

Our employee-driven DreamLauncher initiative is a unique approach to giving back, part of our commitment to a colorful world with more vibrance, kindness, and inclusion. DreamLauncher weaves our employees’ ‘give-back dream’ with our own, letting each team member support a cause that matters most to them. DeeBee’s supports and contributes to these dreams by helping team members nurture and achieve their philanthropic goals. We do this with paid time off, resources and financial support, and designated charitable contributions linked to our employee stock option program.

How Does It Work?

Employee Stock Options

After one year’s employment, our staff are awarded employee stock options. The ESOP program is a way for all employees to share in our financial success. In addition to this, DeeBee’s designates 5% worth of extra equity rights to each team member’s give-back dream. Employees choose a charity, and after the equity rights are exercised, a check is delivered to the employee’s charity of choice in the equivalent value of those 5% equity rights.

Annual Action & Act of Giving

Every year, every DeeBee’s Organics team member picks a personal philanthropic annual goal that benefits their community or the world at large, driven by their own unique values. Their annual goal must have measurable KPIs, and we encourage them to be ambitious. DeeBee’s supports these annual goal initiatives by providing 3 days of paid time off and by matching donations or fundraising efforts.

Donation Matching

DeeBee’s will match any donation or fundraising from annual employee initiatives, because we believe we are all a part of a much bigger picture. Together, we can achieve our dreams of giving back to what matters most to us. We’re proud to showcase and share our achievements in our communities, because when dreams are nourished and supported, we create a world where everyone thrives.



Dr. Dionne’s husband Steve has always supported her dream of making DeeBee’s a success. As an ophthalmologist and surgeon, he’s always dreamed of donating his skills and time to Orbis, an organization that provides training for doctors in developing nations on surgical procedures that restore sight. Dionne’s DreamLauncher project is to help fund an Orbis flight, so Steve can fulfill his own dream of teaching others to prevent blindness.



As a West Coast Canadian and 'island girl', Becky grew up playing on beaches, hiking, camping, and fishing for salmon. In her lifetime she’s seen salmon populations diminish as a result of poor forestry and watershed management, overfishing and environmental pollution. Using her experience from the early days of DeeBee's, Becky is working with local partners to create a charity ice cream bar company where all proceeds will fund salmon restoration in Port Renfrew, BC.


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