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A hand with darker skin and red nail polish holds a Tropical DeeBee's Organics Italian Ice cup with a stamp that says LIVIN' LA DOLCE VITA. The background is colorful pink, yellow, and purple swirls and illustrated fruit.

NEW Organic Italian Ice

Meet our super fruity spoonable delight inspired by Sicilian Granita

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A person with lighter skin holds a Tropical DeeBee's Organics Italian Ice cup in one hand and a spoon in the other. They are wearing pink overalls and pink nail polish.

Introducing Italian Ice

Read about how we created our newest treat!

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A DeeBees Organics Non-Dairy Gelato Pop box on a teal background surrounded by art of clouds, pineapples, mangoes, limes, and coconuts. A Mango gelato pop is in front of the box.

Meet our NEW Non-Dairy Organic Gelato Pops!

Creamy, Dreamy and Delicious!

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What fans are saying

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These are great for my little teething monster. We went from tears and screams to happy boy as soon as the freezie touched his mouth. I love that I found these, because this cool mom who wanted to make her own freezies realized there isn't enough time in the day, especially with such an affordable option.

Alyssa, USA
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My daughter is allergic to Red40 so we try and find healthier alternatives. These are a delicious, healthier summer treat without all the nonsense ingredients! Thank you.

Ann, USA
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My family and I just wanted to give you a huge thanks for these delicious and healthier freezies! I just discovered them and my family loves them. In a world full of chemicals and artificial flavors it is so nice to be able to find items like this. Thanks again!

Sara, USA
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My kids call these "anytime" pops because they can have them anytime! Love that they are all fruit and a nice size for snacking.

Margaree, USA
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My family loves these popsicles. Since they are made with organic juice, I feel good about giving them to my toddler, as well. They help with teething on gums and cooling off on a hot summer day. We love them all, but the tropical flavors are the best!

Kearsten, USA
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My kids are enjoying these popsicles! I love that they are clean ingredients, so if they eat two or three a day, I don't have to worry about what they're eating

Allison, USA
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My toddler is way into these "pockles," and I like that they're organic and all natural.

Jodi, USA
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DeeBee’s was founded by a mom on a mission

As a mom, I wanted to show my kids that real food can be delicious without adding malic acid, artificial colors, or artificial flavors. So I brought my PhD in Medical Science from the lab to the kitchen and created products I would be proud to give my own family. 

I also wanted to prove that business can be a force for good—helping to create a more colorful world filled with health, inclusivity, and joy. A world where everyone thrives, together. DeeBee’s Organics is a certified B Corporation, our factory uses solar power, and we champion our employees’ most loved causes through our DreamLauncher program.

Dionne Laslo-Baker, PhD, Mom of 2
Founder, DeeBee’s Organics

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