The DeeBee's Organics Story

In honour of Inventor’s Day, we wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look at Dr. Dionne’s story - how she invented DeeBee’s Organics, how combining her knowledge as a scientist and a mom led her to her breakthrough, and how she’s using her invention to make an impact!


While Dr. Dionne’s background is in science and research, it wasn’t until she became a mother that the spark for creating something new inspired her to start DeeBee’s Organics. "I decided to be an entrepreneur because… of my kids! The idea to start DeeBee’s Organics came from our kitchen when my kids were 8 and 10. David wanted to make tea and Jocelyn wanted to make popsicles. The two kids were arguing over who wanted to make what with mommy, when Jocelyn said, “Mommy, lets’ make ‘teasicles’.” 


Balancing life as a parent and a professional can be challenging, but it’s also one of the best ways to keep your ambitions aligned with what matters most. Dr. Dionne says, “This simple idea sparked so much inside me when I realized, as a Mom and a PhD Medical Scientist, there weren’t enough healthy, organic snacks in the stores free from chemicals, toxins or preservatives. I had a ‘eureka’ moment and understood the reason why I spent all those years studying the effects of chemicals and toxins on child development – to create a company dedicated to providing every family healthy, clean-label, organic treats to enjoy together."


While building DeeBee’s Organics, Dr. Dionne faced what many women founders and inventors have to overcome - a lack of support, and undermining her ambitions from others. "One of [the first bankers I spoke to] said not only that they couldn't fund us, but, why am I bothering to do this?" she said. "I have a very successful husband, who makes a good salary... Why are you kind of disrupting the peace?"' Fueled not only by her business’s mission, but also by the determination to show other female entrepreneurs and inventors that anything is possible, she forged ahead and has now grown DeeBee’s to a thriving business with customers across Canada and the United States.


Making an impact on individual health, ingredient awareness, and encouraging families to create meaningful memories together is what continues to inspire Dr. Dionne to create, innovate, and bring products to the market that make a difference. While most large food corporations have a profit over people mindset, Dr. Dionne has stayed true to her mission of helping families by providing accessible, delicious, healthy treats that everyone loves. And the impact doesn’t stop there - giving back to her employees and community is at the heart of everything DeeBee’s Organics accomplishes. 


DeeBee’s Organics empowers their employees to give back through the DreamLauncher program, where stock options, gift matching, and paid time off for volunteering are a part of how they do business and spread the impact of their success.


Being an inventor means that what you create is close to your heart - more than just a business. DeeBee’s Organics is the culmination of Dr. Dionne’s life’s work - the passion she has for science and health, and the joy she gets from being a mom. Through DeeBee’s Organics, Dr. Dionne is able to share the best of both of these worlds, improving the lives of families and showing others that truly, any dream is possible. 

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