Build Your Summer Bucket List: Meet our Top 15 Summer Activities!

Welcome to the best summer ever!

This time around, we’re here to help you build the sweetest moments and memories with everyone you love. Every summer starts our favorite way: with a bucket list for all the adventures ahead! Keep reading to unlock our 2024 summer bucket list template and draw inspiration from our own family-friendly bucket list ideas.

Why Should I Make a Bucket List this Summer?

Everyone in the family has different ideas on what makes summer great, and that’s what makes building a bucket list together so much fun! A bucket list is a great way to look forward to the season ahead and keep us excited about everything we’ve done and are going to do. A bucket list also helps build gratitude (in kids and adults alike) when we look back on all the extraordinary adventures of the past season. 

Did we mention that bucket lists can also help ensure that everyone is included in the fun? If you’re writing one family-wide bucket list using our template here, make sure everyone gets to put in one activity they’re looking forward to. Each family member can even write a bucket list for themselves, and work towards checking off each fun adventure like a game! (PS: it’s even more fun when family members compete against each other to complete all their bucket list activities first!) 

Bucket lists also lead to a whole lot of personal growth! A bucket list can also be a great way to push your boundaries and get you out of your comfort zone by holding you accountable to an upcoming adventure (like learning a new water sport, riding in a hot air balloon, or exploring a cave with family!) 

Meet Our Summer Bucket List Template

Ready to build your own summer bucket list? Download our very own 2024 Summer Bucket List Template right here, print, and spend an afternoon laughing and filling it out with your loved ones. 

We recommend taking the time to build a personal bucket for the fun months ahead, and then getting together with family and building one devoted to adventures you’ll tackle together! If you’re stumped for ideas, explore our 15 family-friendly bucket list ideas below. 

Our Top 15 Family-Friendly Activities for the Best Summer Ever

You don’t need to go on a cruise or expensive vacation to have the best summer! Sometimes, laughter and a great idea is all you need to have an extraordinary adventure with your loved ones. Ready to meet our favorite activities of the season? 

  1. Enjoy some tasty treats to beat the heat. The heat of summer is sometimes no joke—that’s why we’re always here to help! Don’t forget to keep your freezer stocked with our SuperFruit Freezie Pops all summer long to stay cool and hydrated. Pro tip: take them out to the backyard and have a freezie pop party!
  2. Plant something with your family. Summer is the perfect time to create bonds with everyone in the family. Spend an afternoon choosing seeds, potting plants (indoor or outdoor!) and building a plant-care routine so everyone in the family can get involved.
  3. Go on a road trip. Are we there yet? A summer classic, get everyone in the car and see where the road takes you. A new lake or hill to hike, a city to explore, and more is all waiting to be found! 
  4. Go volunteering. Support the community this summer by volunteering with a local non-profit organization In addition to providing aid and practicing kindness, spending a day devoted to others while also bonding with your family is a beautiful memory to build. 
  5. Read a book, together. It’s great to keep an ongoing family activity on hand for evenings and rainy days alike. Choose a book that everyone in the family will enjoy, and take turns reading aloud from it once a week (or more often!)
  6. Go on a scavenger hunt! Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone in on the fun, and are easily modifiable based on the space and people participating. Anything from a sunny backyard scavenger hunt to an indoor afternoon hunt is sure to get everyone excited.
  7. Enjoy a family movie night. One of our favorite late-night summer activities is to watch a good movie and spend the night laughing with loved ones. Did we mention this can be done outdoors (with a projector, picnic blanket, and some popcorn!) or indoors (when it’s raining or on a sluggish afternoon.)
  8. Get out and have a beach day! A classic summer activity, nothing beats a day at the beach where there’s something for everyone! Swimming, reading a book, enjoying fruit, sunbathing, and playing in the sand are all essential parts of this perfect summer day!
  9. Go stargazing at night. Kids can’t sleep? This can make for the perfect memory. Hop in the car, drive away from the city, lay down a picnic blanket, and spend some much-needed quality time with each other. 
  10. Have a picnic. Looking for an activity that doesn’t require too much prep work but still feels special to everyone? Grab a picnic basket and a blanket, pick up some food at the grocery store (or use what you have!) and get outdoors. 
  11. Attend a festival or carnival. Food, drinks, music, games and animals all in one place! Festivals and carnivals are a great way to spend the day (or weekend!) trying new things and enjoying the best of what summer has to offer. 
  12. Cook or bake a new dish from scratch. Get everyone’s aprons on, and spend time creating something incredibly delicious for everyone to enjoy in the hot sun. Some of our favorite foods to make and get everyone in the kitchen include burgers and buns (try making patties and breads from scratch!), potato salads, mocktails, fried tomatoes, and ratatouille! 
  13. Start a family scrapbook! Build a special summer scrapbook everyone can work on throughout the season. This can be a great place to save pictures, drawings, tickets, and pieces of nature that represent each adventure of the season.
  14. Visit an interactive museum, science center, or art gallery. Summer is a great time to explore not only the outdoors, but the indoors too! Take the time to explore a museum, science center, or art gallery exhibit with loved ones and learn something new. 
  15. Go camping! One of our favorite summer activities, camping encapsulates all that summer has to offer. Grab a tent or rent an RV, and take the family out to roast s’mores, swim in the lake, tell scary stories, and go stargazing.