5 Ways To Get Your Family Ready For Daylight Savings

On November 6, North Americans will be moving their clocks backwards one hour for the “Fall Back” daylight savings time. As many of us know, this small but significant change in our daily routines can cause disruptions for our families, our scheduled activities and our sleep. To help curb some of the daylight savings time drama, here are our top tips for getting yourself and your family on track as we send the clocks backward. 

Crush Your Mornings

On November 6, we will be moving our clocks backwards one hour, effectively adding more sunlight to our mornings and less to our evenings. To prep for this shift in your family’s sleep routine, we recommend proactively prepping for your mornings to be a bit, well, chaotic. 

Stocking up on healthy grab-and-go breakfasts, prepping your lunch the night before and even picking your clothes before bedtime can all be helpful ways to streamline your mornings, especially during daylight savings. For more time-saving tricks, check out our blog post How To Get Kids Ready For Back To School

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Get Lots Of Sleep Now!

In the days before changing your clocks, make sure your family is prioritizing healthy sleep and getting lots of shut-eye whenever possible. Going into the time change feeling well-rested can help counterbalance any shifts in your family’s sleep schedule and bedtime routines. 

Keep Your Bedtime Routine Consistent

As the clocks shift, keeping bedtime routines can become a bit tricky but so important. If you don’t already have an established bedtime routine, this is the perfect time to start! A consistent bedtime schedule helps our children mentally and physically prepare for sleep with a predictable and relaxing routine. This routine could include a warm bath, a bedtime story, and of course, a snuggle!

For more helpful hacks to get your kids to sleep better, check out our blog post Sleep Tips For Moms: How To Help Your Kids Sleep Better

Proactively Change Your Clocks

While our phones might automatically update, there are plenty of other clocks in our homes, cars, and workplaces that won’t automatically shift. To avoid any confusion, missed appointments or running perpetually late (unless that’s just how you roll), change those clocks beforehand, so you’re prepared for November 6. 

Stock Up On Healthy Snacks To Curb Midday Crashes

Whether you’re scrambling to get out the door in the morning or rushing to evening activities, the shorter days and shifting sleep schedules can wreak havoc on our routines. To combat the post-daylight savings fatigue and chaos, we recommend stocking up on healthy snacks to curb a midday crash or resulting stress snacking. Our SuperFruit Freezies are great snacks to grab in the car, on the way to school or as a post-dinner snack!

For more tips, tricks and hacks for healthy snacking, check out our recent blog post Getting Ready For School With Brain Food

And finally, remember to be kind to yourself and your kids! Shifting sleep schedules can be difficult, and tantrums might be more likely to happen in the days following daylight savings time. With our five tips listed above, your family will be sure to weather the storm and continue with a happy, healthy (sleep-filled!) life. 

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