A Decade of DeeBee's

Did you know that DeeBee’s Organics first went to market during the summer of 2013? That’s right: it’s our tenth birthday!

This August marks a decade of DeeBee's Organics, all the incredible things we've accomplished, and all that we continue to strive for. 

Reflecting on our Roots with Dr. Dionne

We’re so excited for you to celebrate a decade of DeeBee's with us. In honor of our tenth birthday, we decided to sit down with our incredible founder and CEO, Dr. Dionne! Keep reading to hear Dr. Dionne’s authentic thoughts on ten beautiful questions—one to mark each of the past ten years of DeeBee’s Organics. 

When you first went to market with DeeBee’s Organics ten years ago, where did you think the company would be in 2023? 

“We have always hoped and dreamed to be where we are today! I remember wanting to create something I’d be proud to share with my children. Could I explain what I’m working on to my children? Would they be proud of, and enjoy it? This was my barometer for authenticity, integrity, and success going into business. It’s really humbling to look back on this and realize that we are now where I hoped and dreamed we would be!

What is the most beautiful part of DeeBee’s Organics that has remained unchanged since its founding all the way to today?

“To us, it has always been about creating healthy treats that everyone can enjoy without worry! As a mom, I wanted to create treats that were free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives that my son could safely eat. This essence of DeeBee’s has never changed or wavered. In fact, our commitment to deliciously healthy treats has only gotten stronger! It’s so humbling to see others following both this path that we have paved, and realize the value of delicious and healthy treats.” 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned as a founder throughout the past decade?

“The biggest lesson is discovering my own personal strengths while being honest enough to acknowledge areas of weakness and see these as opportunities. This opens up opportunities for other brilliant people to join our team and make these areas DeeBee's strengths! It is invaluable to be humble and surround yourself with amazing, talented people—every single person on our team is incredible, and responsible for something important. To be able to attract great people, and connect with them on a human level is so vital!”  

What is your favorite part of the amazing positive impact DeeBee’s Organics has had on our North American community?

“I was walking around a trade show in 2014 and came upon a booth for B Corp. I remember thinking that this represented exactly who DeeBee’s is! From inception, I believed that DeeBee's could counter some of the dark in our world with good, that I could teach my kids what it meant to truly build a business for ‘good’. We were honored to become a B Corp Changemaker of the World for two years running! Becoming a B Corp and operating with an ESG framework has helped guide our growth trajectory, become courageous enough to be vulnerable, do business a different way, and believe in the vision I had since starting the company. DeeBee's was never about marketing the fact that we do business for the greater good, it was about creating a business with a heart and a soul! ” 

As we begin our eleventh year of operations, what is something you hope that we will achieve, or continue to work towards, in the future?

“As we continue to evolve as our team and company both grow, we definitely want to stay true to our core values. This is something we never want to lose sight of! It has become vital to look to our team, make sure that everyone understands that their voice matters and that they have a seat at the table! We make sure that everything we do is with integrity and is true to our values and vision not just in words and print, but in practice!” 

Has the DeeBee’s Organics mission changed at all since 2013? 

“Our mission at DeeBee’s Organics is to support all kids to confidently step into the best version of themselves! We also believe in the potential of a vibrant world where differences are celebrated, kids are encouraged to be themselves, and we are all nourished with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables straight from the Earth. Our vision and mission have very much stayed true to my original vision, but the depth of our mission, and how much it means, has become more ingrained into every aspect of how we do business over the years. Learning to balance motherhood and leadership really led to understanding both the importance of ideas evolving, and the value of having a meaningful mission keeping you steady!”  

What one piece of advice would you give to your younger self when you were just starting the company?

“Honestly, it can be so lonely and hard in the beginning sometimes! It’s sometimes painful to be away from family, and use everything you have to build something not knowing what would happen on the other side. I’d tell my younger self, “Hold tight and hold steady, because it’s going to be okay.” I’d also tell myself to not be afraid to do things differently from other people—we really are where we are today because we did things differently, and set our own path!” 

What was the biggest challenge you think you have faced these past ten years, and how has it shaped you for the better?

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced these past years is understanding how much shared effort it takes to run a business! Recognizing how much unity is needed from everyone on our team has shaped me into a better leader because now instead of feeling like I must do everything on my own, we have a whole team that faces challenges and celebrates wins together! 

What values or people have kept you going through the toughest moments of these ten years?

“The biggest realization has been understanding how much grit you need to push you through tough moments! I have this saying,It’s not the challenge you face, It’s how you face the challenge.” This has helped me stay true to facing challenges head-on because you can’t go around; you have to go through instead! Having grit and inner strength is invaluable, because it in fact makes successes that much more sweet. It's also really important to surround yourself with fellow founders who understand, and can share struggles and wins with you! Above all, my family who have listened, believed, and supported everything from day one have undoubtedly kept me going.”    

Is there anything would you like to say to those who hold love and space for DeeBee’s Organics and believe in everything we stand for?

“Thank you!!! When I read messages from people who understand and appreciate the value of what we are building, it means so much. I really mean it when I tell someone who posted a cool instagram story about us or sends us a beautiful message, that they truly made my day! Seeing our work, our energy, and love translate to other people who understand the core of what we do is just beyond magical. Even when things aren’t perfect and people still take the time to say they love us—this is powerful. It is amazing to hear that the fact that we are doing things differently isn't just seen, but appreciated!”