Celebrating Dads Around the World: Top 5 Father’s Day Activities

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about unique ways to honor fathers for everything they do! Showing appreciation for dad is a great way to foster the child-parent bond while also creating memories with children that are deep enough to last a lifetime.

In countries around the world, Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate husbands, fathers, father figures, and grandfathers! 

Celebrating Fathers Around The Globe!

Here are a few of the unique ways our fathers are honored and celebrated worldwide. 


Fathers in Thailand are honored on December 5th each year. The celebration in this country includes a speech from the reigning king, while children gift fathers and grandfathers beautiful Canna lilies, sacred plants that both protect and celebrate the receiver and their family.  

United States, Canada, and United Kingdom

In these countries, Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday in June. Dad is traditionally honored with handmade or store-bought greeting cards and small gifts. Activities with Dad are also a popular way to say, “I love you”—with mini-golf, breakfast in bed puzzles, movies, and picnics being popular options!

Costa Rica

Known as Día Del Padre in Spanish, did you know that Costa Rica also celebrates fathers on the third Sunday of June? Costa Rican celebrations are unique because they honor all fathers, including those who are deceased, as well as single mothers! The most important part of Father’s Day for Costa Ricans is spending quality time together and finding joy in each other’s presence. 

Australia and New Zealand

The first day of spring is Father’s Day in Australia and New Zealand— in these countries, the holiday falls on the first day of September! Popular Father’s Day traditions include family breakfasts, handmade gifts, and colorful neckties, something that’s been passed on in North America too! 

Have Fun and Bond with Dad This Father’s Day!

No matter where in the world you live, there are plenty of ways to spend time with Dad and make him feel special not only on Father’s Day, but anytime this year! Here are our top activities:

  • Build a Living Room Fort: Use pillows, blankets, and chairs to create a dream-like structure to snuggle up in and read spooky stories, imagine wild adventures, and pretend you’re camping out under the stars. 
  • Have a Road Trip Adventure: No matter where you live, there’s nothing like the thrill of taking a road trip. Explore the rural communities in your area or visit local historical sites. As you explore, crank up the music and sing along to your Dad’s favorite tunes.
  • Have a Lego-Building Contest: Start a new tradition by challenging Dad to a Lego-building (or any other!) competition. Whoever creates the most unique or tallest structure wins! All out of Lego? Sticks, blocks, and popsicle sticks make for another great building contest! 
  • Plant a Tree Together: The experience of planting and nurturing trees can be a special event for children and their fathers, especially when the tree is planted in early childhood and grows alongside the family. As the seedling matures, other annual traditions on Father’s Day can include watering and pruning the tree, or measuring how tall it has grown since last year!
  • Make a Kite Together and Fly It: Spring has its fair share of storms, making it an ideal season for flying kites. Enjoy a creative afternoon with Dad building a kite from paper, sticks, and ribbon and then take it to the nearest open field to watch it take flight!