Sustainable Freezies

You want your children to enjoy the treats you did as a child, but without all the additives and sugars. That’s why we make freezer pops that are clean-label and still utterly delicious, making them an innovative, healthy and joyful treat for modern families. 

You also want your children to grow up in a world that is healthy and environmentally protected. We do, too – and that’s why we’ve developed a sustainability process that you can trust. Our practices, plant, and suppliers are all focused on social responsibility and environmental stewardship, so you know you are giving your children what’s best for them and best for the planet. 

Our Process

How sustainable can a freezer pop be? Very. Using advanced techniques in our modern plant, we are able to minimize processing time to less than half that of our competitors. And we strive to continuously improve on production efficiency since any time saved in the process means energy is saved. 

To that end, the majority of our manufacturing facility energy comes from solar energy, and the water used to support our process is all captured, cleaned and reused. 

All of our products are also certified Organic and non-GMO project verified. We source our fruit from the best Organic farms in Europe, where GMOs are banned and labor practices are more reliably equitable. 

Our Suppliers

Because of our strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, we have a strict Supplier Code of Conduct, and we work hand-in-hand with our suppliers to help them meet and even exceed our requirements. 

We believe our suppliers are critical partners in our efforts to responsibly and sustainably source our ingredients, packaging materials and other goods and services in a way that will help reduce our overall environmental impact. This means that they comply with all federal and local environmental laws, of course, and that they do not contribute to deforestation or biodiversity loss. We also encourage our suppliers to make efforts to preserve and favor optimal water use by adopting practices to reduce water consumption and minimize polluting local water systems. 

Our suppliers are also encouraged to actively manage and disclose environmental impacts in areas such as Greenhouse Gas emissions, water and waste. We also encourage and support them in implementing action plans for reducing environmental impacts. Finally, all our suppliers and especially those in the agri-food industry must adopt practices to maintain soil, biodiversity, and ecosystem quality in compliance with our certification of Non-GMO and Organic. 

Our Packaging

We don’t need to tell you about the dangers of plastic, and that's why we’re committed to reducing the amount we use in our products. From 2019 to 2020, we reduced the thickness of plastic used in our packaging by 36%. We also reduced the overall size of our sellable unit packaging by 8%. 

Moreover, all products made by DeeBee’s Organics are eligible to be recycled where accepted. Just like we don’t use harmful toxins or chemicals in our ingredients, we also do not condone their use in our packaging, process or supply chain. And we use BPA-free packaging, too. 

We have to make so many compromises in today’s world, but the health and happiness of our children shouldn’t be one of them. When you choose products that are sustainable, healthy and delicious, everyone wins.