Healthy Camping Hacks

If you’re like many families, you’re probably already planning your camping trip for the summer. Camping is such a lovely way to reconnect with nature and each other, getting lots of space and fresh air. 

When you plan it properly, your camping trip can be jam-packed with lots of fun, healthy activities, as well as fresh, healthy food. Trust us: camping treats don’t have to be loaded with sugar and salt. Keep reading for some easy hacks that can make camping a whole lot healthier for you and your children, without sacrificing any of the fun. 

Choose Healthier Camping Meals

We often associate camping with junk food – candy and marshmallows, wiener roasts, PopTarts for breakfast, all filled with who knows what. Even granola bars, the ‘healthy’ camping standby, are often full of sugar and white flour. 

But there’s a reason we have these associations.  These foods are fun and easy, both of which are important considerations when camping. And you probably want to share your own memories of camping with your children, even if those memories are laden with high -fructose corn syrup. 

Thankfully, there so many healthier alternatives available to parents now, so it’s much easier to stock up the car and cooler with better versions of the classics. For example, we love Wholly Veggie, which makes sustainable meat-free alternatives for many of your favorite meals. Their Southwest Beet patty is a great option for campfire cookouts. 

You can top those patties with our favorite buns from Silver Hills Bakery. They’ve got sprouted whole grain options for both burgers and hot dogs, so they’re a great way to get some extra nutrition into your meal. And top your burger with organic, sugar-free ketchup from Good Food for Good. It’s sweetened with date paste, and trust us – it tastes even better than the original. Plus, when you buy one jar, they donate one meal to food banks, which we love. 

By making just a few of these swaps, you can turn the traditional campfire cookout into something much more wholesome for your family, without losing out on the fun experience or delicious taste. 

Healthy Camping Treats and Snacks

What about everyone’s favorite traditional camping treat? Freezies are a must in your cooler, but we all know how much sugar these can have. When you opt for a SuperFruit Freezie, however, you’re giving your children real fruit goodness, without any added sugar. There’s also no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, so you know you’re giving your children only the best. 

Everyone will also want to snack on something crunchy. So instead of packing chips and cheesies, chop up a bunch of veggies ahead of time and pack them in reusable containers. Camping pro-tip: mason jars take up less space, and when they’re empty, they can be cleaned and used as a cocktail shaker and glass!

And finally, fresh fruit also makes a fun, sweet treat. Opt for fruit with peels (ie, oranges, bananas, apples and grapes) so they don’t need to take up precious cooler space. 

Keep Everything Cool - Easily

Speaking of precious cooler space, get creative when packing your frozen items. Freeze anything that you can, like bread and buns, sauces and hot dogs, so that you can use them as ice packs. And double up your DeeBees Freezies and FruitPops, using them as super tasty ice packs, too. 

And don’t worry. As they start to melt, they make wonderful slushies! Add a little liquor, and you’ve got some great adult beverages to enjoy over the campfire. Camping isn’t the time to count calories or be restrictive, but that doesn’t mean it’s the time to let everything go. When you can limit sugar and offer better alternatives for your children, everyone will be happy.