Fun Ways To Celebrate PRIDE With Your Children

PRIDE is a beautiful time to celebrate all the types of love in our communities and families. At DeeBee’s Organics, we have been long-time supporters of this important month of remembrance, awareness and celebration for the LGBTQ2S+ community and allies. 

While Pride is a fun celebration of rainbows and love is love, there is an important political and societal reminder for all of us during this time: PRIDE was originally designated to honor and bring awareness to LGBTQ2S+ activists and communities. The acronym PRIDE stands for Personal Rights in Defense and Education; an organization started in California in 1966, with a mission to advocate for equality for LGBTQ2S+ people. 

In honor of this important month for diversity and inclusion, here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate Pride Month with your kids. 

Create your own rainbow pride flags and display them proudly!

One of our favorite activities with any age group is creating our own Pride flag to display for the month of June. Making a flag out of paint, crayons, sidewalk chalk, or any other supplies around the house are all great ways to show your support and pride. While you create your flags, we encourage you to research and take the opportunity to speak to your child about the meaning behind each color of the flag. This is also a great bridge to discuss the feelings and emotions associated with each color!

Visit community events, celebrations and awareness events.

Many communities host family-friendly celebrations, parades, and awareness events in honor of PRIDE Month. Celebrating these events with your children is a great way to advocate for equal rights and bring visibility to the LGBTQ2S+ individuals in your community! This is also an excellent opportunity to support LGBTQ2S+owned businesses and local creators in your area. 

Learn more together about the meaning of PRIDE and the lived experiences of LGBTQ2S+ people

Along with celebrations and PRIDE focused events, we encourage families to speak with their children about the importance of diversity, inclusion and being a strong ally. There are plenty of age-appropriate books, movies and events for children to learn about the meaning of Pride and the lived experiences of LGBTQ2S+ individuals in your community. 

Our Commitment

For our team at DeeBee’s Organics, we are both proud and humbled of our commitment to diversity and inclusion that extends far beyond one month of the year. Research shows that people thrive when given authentic and meaningful space in their life to feel heard and recognized. We stand for a world where individuals of all genders, gender identities, races, sexual orientations, physical abilities, and more are celebrated and respected. 

Happy PRIDE Month from our family to yours!