Getting Ready for School With Brain Food

September is back-to-school month, and families are quickly returning to the regular routine of school, work, extracurricular activities and, in many cases, eating on the go. For busy parents, fuelling your child’s body, mind, and soul is your most important task every day of the week. With DeeBee's Organics SuperFruit Freezies, we have you covered with simple, family-friendly snacks that are organic, chemical-free and dye-free. As a Certified-B Corporation, we believe that high-quality ingredients and accountability in business can create meaningful impact and help make the world brighter

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The Role of Chemical Reactions in Our Food

According to Health Canada, “undesirable chemicals can be formed in certain foods during processing as a result of reactions between compounds that are natural components of the food.” Chemical reactions in food are more common in foods that are highly processed, loaded with preservatives and, in many cases, created for quick meals. That just isn’t going to work for us. 

At DeeBee’s Organics, we don’t believe in adding chemicals, dyes or preservatives to our SuperFruit Freezies. No matter our age, our bodies function best powered by naturally occurring vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants found in the organic food around us. With 100% real fruit and only 6g of natural sugars, our SuperFruit Freezies are the snack of choice for Canadians coast to coast. 

Keep reading below to hear more about the amazing (and natural!) benefits of the 100% real fruit in our SuperFruit Freezies

Ever wonder what foods work best for growing minds? Keep reading below for the amazing benefits of our SuperFruit Freezie ingredients!

Brain Food for Growing Minds: SuperFruit Freezie Classic

Strawberry Lemon

Did you know that one serving of strawberries (approx. 8 strawberries) packs more Vitamin C than an orange? Vitamin C is crucial for energy production, bone and cartilage development and muscle healing. This is a perfect snack for gym class!

Blueberry Pomegranate 

While they may be small, blueberries pack a mighty antioxidant punch! Blueberries protect the body from stress and free radicals, making them a staple for every healthy diet. An added bonus: blueberries have been shown to improve focus which makes them the perfect snack for homework evenings!

Mango Orange

Mangos are high in magnesium and potassium, making them a perfect snack for long busy days running from school to extracurricular activities. Be sure to pack a mango next time your family is on a long road trip or on a particularly busy school day!

Brain Food for Growing Minds: SuperFruit Freezie Tropical

Pineapple Coconut

Did you know that pineapple is made up of high levels of a unique digestive enzyme called Bromelain? Bromelain is an anti-inflammatory and is believed to have some pain-relieving properties. Pineapple is the perfect treat during cold and flu season to keep your children healthy and ready to fight the school and daycare germs!

Raspberry Lime

Raspberries are little powerhouse snacks and are high in a mineral called manganese. Manganese is important for healthy bones and skin, regulated blood sugar and sustained focus. Raspberries are the perfect snack for your child’s next reading session!

They also contain a mineral called manganese, which is necessary for healthy bones and skin and helps regulate blood sugar.

Peach Passionfruit

Peaches are high in fibre which is proven to improve cognitive functioning and concentration. Peaches just might be your child’s secret weapon for tackling that difficult math homework or scoring the final goal on that big game!

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Are you ready for the new school year? Check one more task off your September to-do list with DeeBees Organics SuperFruit Freezies: the tasty treats you can feel good about!