Top Tips: How Frozen Foods Promote Healthy Eating

Parenthood is full of joys, but also many responsibilities. From making the school runs, making sure the kids have the right clothes (new shoes, again?!), to making sure breakfast, lunch, and dinner are on the table or packed away, every day can feel like a marathon. While we all want to whip up nutritious, beautiful meals for our families, there are only so many hours in a day!

One of the best ways to take some of the weight off our shoulders is to use some quick and easy shortcuts to make the day go smoother and get meals on the table faster. One of the best ways to do this? Incorporating frozen food! 

Why Frozen Food Is A Healthy Choice

While you may think that pizza pockets or ice cream is the only frozen food that your kids will eat, there are lots of other ways to use the freezer to your advantage while still providing delicious meals that you’d never have guessed had been frozen! Frozen foods allow ingredients to be naturally preserved at the moment they are the most fresh and nutritious, and with the right cooking technique, you don’t have to settle for mushy, bland meals. 

Long gone are the days of microwaved fish sticks being the only way to get dinner on the table from frozen - colorful veggies, perfectly cooked meats, and delicious sauces are all on the menu when it comes to frozen foods. Frozen fruits and vegetables are an affordable, accessible way to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy the nutrition and flavor of wholesome food.

Tips For making Motherhood Easier With Frozen Food

Prep and Freeze

While weekly meal prep may feel onerous, cooking once and freezing several meals will help build a freezer meal stockpile that you can draw on in a pink. Another easy way to build up your reserves? A few times a week, double a dinner you’re making and freeze half! Same amount of work, while giving your future self a break!

Bulk up Smoothies

While most people think of only fruit going into smoothies, it’s a great way to incorporate veggies too! Spinach butternut squash, or avocado all help enhance the nutrition without impacting taste. 

Use Dump Meals

Get the depth of flavor you love from a slow cooker with the convenience of a frozen dinner - dump meals can be prepared with all the ingredients you’d need in a bag, then toss it in your slow cooker to cook all day long. A delicious meal at dinner, without lifting a finger!

Freeze Baked Goods

Freezing isn’t only for whole ingredients or pre-cooked dinners - baked goods keep just as well in the freezer, and can be tossed in a lunch bag in the morning to be perfectly thawed by lunch! They can also be heated in seconds for a quick and easy snack or treat.

Breakfast On The Go

Are mornings crazy for your family, too? Freeze breakfast sandwiches, breakfast wraps, or egg bites for a meal that can be ready to go in less than a minute from the microwave! N more rushed mornings trying to get a hot breakfast on the table from scratch. 

We hope these tips help ease some of the weekday strain of planning meals, while still giving your family the nutrition they need. And while motherhood can be go-go-go, it's also important to make time for moments of joy. One of the easiest ways is to share a DeeBee’s Frozen Treat with your kids - all the taste and flavors they love, while letting you relax knowing that they’re enjoying treats made without artificial preservatives or ingredients.