How to Request us at your Local Store: Want to See More DeeBee’s?

Just got back from a grocery run but couldn’t find any DeeBee’s? 

As a small mom-owned company, we’re always looking to be found at more stores close to you. The best part? You have just as much power as we do—keep reading to find out how to help us get DeeBee’s in all your favorite stores.

How To Request DeeBee's at your Local Store

If you want to see our treats in more stores in your neighborhood this year, we encourage you to use your voice! If the store you’d like to see us at is one of the below supermarket chains, please follow the instructions in the PDF below to request our products (PS: it only takes three minutes!)

  • How to Request DeeBee’s at Sam’s Club USA 
  • How to Request DeeBee’s at Target USA 
  • How to Request DeeBee’s at Sprouts Farmers Market USA 
  • How to Request DeeBee’s at Whole Foods USA
  • How to Request DeeBee’s at Costco Canada
  • How to Request DeeBee's at Save on Foods Canada
  • If the store you’d love to see our treats at is not one of the above, the easiest way to do this is by requesting our products from the department manager! To make this easier, you can use this product request form if you’re situated in the US and this product request form if you’re in Canada. 

    If you’re a long time fan of our Classic SuperFruit Freezie Pops in stores but can’t find them, don’t forget to look for our delicious Tropical SuperFruit Freezie Pops and our creamy Non-Dairy Gelato Pops too!

    What if DeeBee's is Out of Stock at my Local Store?

    Sometimes you might not be able to find DeeBee’s, but this doesn’t mean that we’re not at your favorite store! Here’s how to troubleshoot: 

    1. Have you checked the juice aisle? Our treats might sometimes be placed on the shelf, instead of at the end of an aisle or in a DeeBee’s bin where you might be used to seeing us. 
    2. Our treats are carried seasonally in some stores, which means that we might only be there during summer. Stores also often carry us on a rotating basis and while supplies last, so don’t forget to check where we’re in stock by using our store locator here
    3. If we’re out of stock or not at a store near you yet, you can always shop our organic treats right here if you’re in the US, or shop on Amazon if you’re in Canada! 
    4. If you’re still looking for some extra help finding DeeBee’s, we’d love to hear from you—please contact us here