Our Favorite Spring Cleaning Tips: Your Freezer

Popsicle season is fast approaching—we can almost see the sticky fingers now! And if you’re like us, you’ve been side-eyeing your freezer, likely overflowing with half-eaten bags of freezer-burned fruit and veggies and goodness knows what else.

In other words: it’s time to spring clean your freezer! In fact, we believe that cleaning out your fridge and freezer is one of the most important things to tackle when doing your spring cleaning—because it lets you make room for healthy new food for your family. 

We’ve already covered our tips for spring cleaning your whole home. Now let’s focus on getting that freezer clean as a whistle and popsicle-ready. 

Freezer Clean Out Tips

First things first. What you use to clean really matters, whether we’re talking about your freezer or your sink or your baseboards. That’s because traditional and heavily scented products are linked to nocturnal cough and mental health comorbidities in children, along with an increased risk of asthma

In other words, harsh chemical cleaners are just about as nasty as anything you’re using them to clean. They’re definitely best avoided in homes with kids, especially when you’re cleaning the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  

Thankfully, cleaning is one area where old-fashioned works best, anyway. We’re talking good old fashioned soap, water, and vinegar, which almost always do the trick. Vinegar is fantastic—not only is it completely natural, it’s also acidic, so it cuts dirt and grime. And better still, it absorbs odors. 

To kick the scrubbing and odor-absorption up a notch, we like to use lemon and lime slices when cleaning (sometimes mixed with a bit of salt when we’re washing things like our bamboo cutting boards). Lemons and limes are antibacterial, and their natural acidity makes them great for cleaning (you just might want to test spot an area before diving in fully). 

And don’t get us started on the citrusy smell!

Boost Your Cleaning With Essential Oils

Speaking of smells, we know that many people may miss the heavy scents of their old cleaning products. Vinegar may be odor absorbing, but it only goes so far. Even the scent of lemon will disappear pretty quickly. 

Thankfully, there’s another alternative for all you fragrance lovers: essential oils! Just put a few drops in a spray bottle combined with vinegar and baking soda, and you’ve got a bespoke and sweet smelling cleaning solution just to your liking. 

Need a little fragrance inspo? Look no further than our superfruit freezie flavors! How yummy would it be to combine strawberry and lemon essential oils? Or what blueberry and pomegranate? Talk about out of this world! 

Get Organized

Finally, it can be so disheartening to spend a Saturday afternoon cleaning out your fridge and freezer, only to find it overflowing again in a week or two. The solution? Freezer organization. 

We’re talking about lining things up back to front, labeling and dating homemade items, and freezing and laying things flat and verticle as much as possible. We’re also talking about using the right containers and even investing in some bins to make things easy to store and find right when you need them. Find more freezer organization tips we love here

Keeping your freezer organized is such a great way to make room for sunny days ahead (not to mention space for stocking up on DeeBees!). Good luck, and enjoy!