5 Ingredients to Watch Out For In Your Kid’s Food | DeeBee's Organics

As parents, we always want to make the best choices for our kids, and no choice is more important than what we feed them! The balance between wholesome, good-for-you food and the fluorescent cartoon character cheese puffs that our kids love can be tricky to navigate on the best of days. Finding a compromise that lets you rest easy knowing you’re giving your kids the nutrition they need, with the fun and flavour they love, can be a difficult balance.


While looking at the nutritional information of your foods has become second nature to lots of us, taking a deeper dive into the ingredients may be a step we’re not taking. And yet looking at the ingredients of our food can tell us more about the nutritional value than even the calories, carbs, and fats can! There are lots of sneaky ingredients that you may not realize are harmful to you and your kids.


DeeBee’s Organics was created to combat the impacts of environmental toxins – especially in the food chain – on child health. Our founder, Dr. Dionne, is a PhD medical researcher in the field of maternal-fetal toxicology, she spent her doctorate focused on studying the effects of exposure to chemicals during pregnancy on fetal development. A strong proponent for the health science behind organic food, Dionne founded DeeBee’s Organics on a mission to make ‘conscious’ snacking really fun!


Below are 5 ingredients that you should watch out for in your kid’s food:


Processed Sugars

Not all sugars are created equal, and processed sugars hiding in kids’ foods can wreak havoc on their growing bodies, increasing the likelihood of obesity and cancer down the road. Keep an eye out for ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, molasses, caramel, and dextrose – all of these are refined sugars that are setting up your little one for a major sugar crash.



While peanut-free labels on kids food are popular, there are other allergens to keep an eye out for! Some of the most common allergens, including peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, sesame, and wheat, can be found in popular kids’ treats. At DeeBee’s, all of our treats are made without any of the top 8 allergens, so your kids and their friends can enjoy worry-free!


Artificial Colouring

Remember the bright reds, fluorescent blue and neon yellow treats of your childhood? Let’s just say, raspberries don’t come that blue in the wild – artificial colouring was responsible for that! While for most adults artificial colouring won’t cause major health issues, in children these chemicals can cause allergic reactions and hyperactivity. If your child is sensitive to artificial colouring, checking the ingredients list can help reduce negative reactions.


Artificial Flavouring

Artificial flavouring can sometimes hide in plain sight, disguised as malic acid or ‘natural flavouring’, but often those flavours contain high levels of sugar, fruit juices, or other chemically made components. The DeeBee’s difference? We only use organic ingredients, and real fruit from the best organic farms in Europe – grown without GMOs, and sustainably farmed. Now that’s a taste you can feel good about!



Preservatives have a two-prong attack on our health – not only are the chemicals themselves bad, but you’re more likely to find them in processed foods, which are notoriously bad for us. Preservatives have been linked to increased rates of cancer, hormone imbalances, increased cholesterol, and more. Common preservatives include nitrates, MSG, BHA & BHT, potassium bromate, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats.


At DeeBee’s, our focus is on providing delicious, fun, treats without any of the ingredients that compromise your family’s health and wellbeing. Made with only organic ingredients, we keep all the flavour and nutrients and none of the allergens or artificial ingredients.


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