Family Friendly Retro Activity Ideas for Summer

It’s been a stressful year and a half, to say the least. Our lives have been uprooted in ways we never would have thought possible before the pandemic. For many, it’s wreaked havoc on both our own mental health, and that of our children.

So it’s no wonder we’re all indulging in a little nostalgia these days, remembering when things were simpler and hand sanitizer was just something nice to have in your purse, but not a necessity!

And since nostalgia is an easy way to feel safe, secure and warm, we’re all for it! Here’s some of our favourite things making a comeback, offering some fun ideas for you and your family to try out this summer.


When it comes to this new trend, the s’more the merrier! Maybe camping never went out of style, but thanks to the pandemic, it’s never been more popular. Hiking, caravan-ing and camp outs have been booming for the past year. Safe and socially distanced, we’ll likely see this trend continue for a while.

Plus, pandemic life (and, really, life in general) is stressful. Sometimes, an inexpensive getaway to nature is just what the doctor ordered. We think it’s particularly important to ensure that kids get lots of outdoor time (and away from all the screens).

If your family is planning a cabin getaway, don’t miss our easy, healthy camping hacks. They’re a great way to ensure your time in the woods is good for everyone’s souls and bellies.


Here’s another trend we can get behind. As the recent west coast heat wave has taught us, global warming is here. We all need to do our part to help mitigate our environmental impacts. It’s why we’ve committed to a strict sustainability process. And it’s why we’re delighted to see thrifting make a comeback!

Just like our food choices have a wider impact than on our own personal health, fast fashion also comes with a host of social and environmental red flags. Choosing to solicit your local thrift store or consignment shop is such a better alternative for everyone. Not to mention so much cheaper!

Tie Dye

Tie dye was huge in the 1960s and 1970s, flirted with a comeback in the 1980s and 1990s, and has been overlooked for quite some time.

Fun and fabulous, we love that we’re seeing tie dying popping up on the racks and in our Instagram feeds. And while tie dye t-shirts are the old standby, don’t be surprised if you see this bit of nostalgia spreading to totes, scrunchies, masks and more.

And if you’re feeling nostalgic for a simpler (and more colorful time),it’s also an ultra-fun activity to try with your kids on a rainy day.


Remember heading down to your local corner shop with a dollar in your pocket, and deliberating over the deep freeze while you contemplated which color freezie to choose?

Those were the days... but those freezies were also filled with sugar and other things we probably shouldn’t have been eating!

Still, there’s nothing like biting into your own personal tube of frozen fruitiness, and with the heat we’re now seeing, it’s not surprising freezies are one nostalgic treat that are coming back big time.

Want to share this bit of nostalgia from your own childhood with your children? There’s a better way to do it. Our Superfruit Freezies are so much more than frozen sugar water. In fact, there’s no added sugars at all, and no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. They’re a modern, clean-label modern take on the classic freezer pop, 100% organic, and even tastier than the originals. What’s not to love?