Our Climate Neutral Journey: Nurturing Our Planet

Did you know that the first ever Earth Day was celebrated all the way back in 1970? 

Since then, April 22nd has marked the global environmental movement towards nurturing a sustainable world. This year, Earth Day’s theme is all about Investing in Our Planet. At DeeBee’s Organics, we are excited to honor Earth Day by revealing our Climate Neutral Certification!

Our Climate Neutral Certification 

We are humbled to share that DeeBee’s Organics is now Climate Neutral Certified! This means that we have measured and offset our 2022 carbon emissions alongside reducing and accounting for our ongoing emissions. 

To become Climate Neutral Certified, a company begins by measuring the scope 1, 2, and 3 greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations. In today’s earth where business activities have become an integral part of our global economy, quantifying our carbon footprint was a fundamental first step we were ready to take. We knew that once we realized the negative environmental impact a company can often have bringing a product into the hands of consumers, we would want to account for that impact and work towards healing the earth. 

To do this, a company can begin to compensate for these past, present, and future emissions by investing in global carbon offset projects. These projects are carefully selected and funded by the company and help protect, revitalize, or nurture the earth by promoting a circular economy. You can view our own conscientiously chosen project portfolio below! 

The Difference Between Climate Neutral and Net Zero

Before sharing the projects we have chosen to invest in, it’s important to mention our shared belief that becoming Climate Neutral Certified shouldn’t be the end goal for a company’s climate preservation efforts. While it is an important milestone for us to begin to quantify our carbon footprint and operational impact overtime, is it not the end of our path. We are also working hard towards reducing our future emissions! 

To us, becoming Climate Neutral Certified is an important step on the route to becoming a Net Zero carbon emissions company. While Climate Neutral refers to a company’s greenhouse gas emissions being measured and reduced by offsetting its negative impact, Net Zero means that the vast majority of the company’s operations itself have no negative impact on the Earth. According to National Grid, Net Zero is about more than removing only the carbon emissions associated with an activity–instead, it accounts for all greenhouse gasses, including pollutants like methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O). 

Meet Our Carbon Offset Portfolio 

Ready to explore the climate positive projects we’ve chosen to invest in? Each of our partners were chosen conscientiously and carefully screened to meet both the standards set out by Climate Neutral as well as our own!

  • Grassroots Carbon Regenerative Grazing: Located in Texas, this project incentivizes ranchers to adopt regenerative farming practices and works towards creating healthier soil by nursing prairie grasses back to health.
  • Evergreen REDD+ Forest Protection: Committed to protecting over 100,000 hectares of forests from deforestation, this initiative prioritizes forest conservation and engages in preventing climate-harm all the way from Apuí, Amazonas! 
  • KOKO Kenya Tropical Forest Protection: Based in Nairobi Kenya, KOKO provides widespread access to self-serve clean fuel at a price that undercuts charcoal and allows low-income households to switch to cleaner and safer energy sources.  
  • Boone Improved Forestry: By engaging in a suite of sustainable harvesting techniques, this project reduces the negative impact of standard logging practices while still nurturing the local livelihood and economy of Southern Kentucky! 

How We Can All Contribute Towards Sustainability

At DeeBee’s Organics, deciding to become Climate Neutral Certified was more than just a choice; as a certified B Corp, we believe that all of us have the power and responsibility to work towards creating a more sustainable world. Undergoing the Climate Neutral Certification process taught us that though the truth of this journey might be uncomfortable and imperfect, that didn’t mean it wasn’t worth pursuing. While we are proud of the steps we have taken, we are humbled by how far we have yet to go in our climate preservation efforts. 

We encourage everyone to contribute positively towards the collective effort to combat greenhouse gas emissions! Here are some easy ways to begin reducing your family’s carbon footprint every day:

  • Start by quantifying your carbon footprint! We recommend using Conservation’s carbon footprint calculator here. Calculating your footprint is a great first step to seeing where you might be doing a great job of being sustainable and where there might be opportunities for improvement. 
  • Start in your own home! Proactively switching off lights and unplugging electronics that aren’t in use, taking shorter showers, doing full loads of laundry, and using fewer appliances are all great ways to start making an impact. 
  • Try taking your environmental mindset outside - opt for the stairs in public places, limit your car usage, donate used electronics and clothes, and try purchasing more Climate Neutral Certified products!