Spring Cleaning: Our Top 10 Household Organization Hacks

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This spring cleaning season, let’s get everyone involved to do more than clear out the old. Instead, try incorporating new tactics to keep your home instinctively organized all year long! Good organization hacks help maintain a clean and stress-free household, save time, and make organizing intuitive for everyone in the family. Without further ado, here’s our favorites!

Our Favorite Organization Tips for a Stress-Free and Spacious Home

Don’t underestimate the power of multi-purpose furniture. Looking to improve your organization without adding more containers to the same space? One of our favorite ways to combat this is functional furniture. This means ottomans and storage benches for shoes and outdoor gear, bed frames with built-in storage for pillows and linens, and rolling kitchen islands that can be folded and tucked away. Functional furniture can be a great way to better utilize small spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and organization! 

When in doubt, hang it on a wall. Hanging things that are clunky or oddly shaped on walls is a great way to keep things organized and save space by getting them off the floor. Try hanging up the family bikes, sports equipment, and helmets on one wall of the garage, hats and bags on the back of cupboard doors, and even large cookware on the sides of cabinets. Don’t underestimate the narrow vertical spaces in your home that can do so much!

Opt for clear storage containers and baskets. Our favorite way to keep organized (and aesthetic, too!) is by storing everything from produce and shelf-stable snacks to school supplies in clear containers. This can be handy for not only knowing exactly what’s in each storage unit before you open it (we love to save time), but also holds you accountable for keeping things inside each box clean and visible. While you're at it, don't forget to label the contents of containers that aren't clear! 

Keep a junk bin. Yes, you heard us right! By actively calling a large basket in your home the designated ‘junk bin’, you can avoid a buildup of clutter everywhere else. By asking everyone to put items they’re uncertain about in a junk bin and coming back to clean the bin once a month, you’ll avoid both a state of perpetual cleaning and mess in your home. Did we mention this becomes a great place to look when something specific goes missing? 

Store seasonally, rather than year-round. Even though it might look nice hanging in the wardrobe, all our knits don’t need to be reachable in the summertime! Don’t be afraid to store goods rotationally in large boxes to keep rooms spacious, and ensure there’s enough space to hold the necessities of the current season. This means putting away summer clothing, shoes, picnic and beach gear in the fall and holiday decorations, knitwear and coats, and snow gear in early spring. 

Store small things in big things! Having trouble understanding what this means? Think small purses in a big purse, small mixing bowls in your biggest mixing bowl, small Tupperware in bigger Tupperware, and so forth. This can be a great way to stop yourself from using too much space trying to store items you don’t need to see to know they’re there. Did we mention this hack also frees up space for other needs?

Upcycle what you have! A great way to boost organization without breaking the bank is by jazzing up what you already own. Shoe, appliance, accessory, and Amazon boxes can make great hidden storage solutions in attics, basements, and garages for miscellaneous gear. If you’re low on cardboard boxes but still have lots to put away in the attic, we love to ask grocery stores for any extra cardboard boxes they may have - we’ve never left empty-handed! Pro tip: turn this into a craft by getting everyone in the family to paint old boxes and label them with what’s inside! 

Try going paperless! While some households prefer to file information, statements, receipts, and bills digitally, other families prefer paper. However, receipts and physical junk contribute to daily clutter that quickly adds up to feel overwhelming. Try opting into programs that email you receipts, bills, and coupons (this is a great way to ensure they’re ALWAYS there if you need them!) and regularly recycle unnecessary paper that builds up. 

Turn donating into a regular habit. The best way to keep your home organized all year round is to donate unwanted items and turn clutter reduction into a family affair! Find out all that your nearest donation center accepts, and make a designated donation bucket anyone in the home can add to all month long. This is a great way to curb the build up of personal clutter and ensure unwanted and old clothes, non-perishable foods, and objects find homes with those who need them! 

Get smarter with your wall space. Long spans of wall space you don’t want to hang another painting on? There is so much you can do! Try installing a peg board to hold up children’s toys, and floating shelves to display treasures, books, and cables. We love to use a chalkboard to list household tasks that still need to be done. Try walking around your home to look for at empty wall spaces and envision how that space can be used: common empty spaces include above washer/dryers, work tables, and beds, and even beside fireplaces and stairs.