Subscribe and Save with DeeBee’s

With summer around the corner, the freezie pops will be gone before we remember to restock the freezer! 

Meet the DeeBee’s Subscribe and Save program, where you never have to worry about running out of treats or smiles. Keep reading to learn how starting your freezie pop subscription with us will help save money, keep your freezer stocked, and spark joy all year round!

What is a Subscribe and Save Program?

A subscribe and save program makes it easier to buy your favorite products online, and have them delivered to your door at a frequency aligned with how often you enjoy it! By starting a subscription, your benefits will include discounted product pricing, fewer trips to the grocery store, as well as the convenience of regular product deliveries to your doorstep. 

We also know that each family’s size and snacking habits differ, so you can subscribe to receive our products at a frequency that works best for you - this means that you can choose to get your freezie pop order weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly. PS: you can even opt for weekly deliveries in the summer, and easily switch to monthly in the winter! 

Why Should I Subscribe and Save with DeeBee's?

We really hate the feeling of running out of our favorite treats. When you subscribe and save with us, this never needs to happen again!

With no added or hidden costs, creating a subscription with us lets you:

  • Save 10% on every automatic DeeBee’s order placed
  • Enjoy regular home deliveries of freezie pops at the frequency of your choosing
  • Take control and easily modify your subscription (add or delete products from each order) or cancel your subscription (stop receiving deliveries). 

How Do I Subscribe?

To start a subscription with us, follow the easy steps below:

  1. Head to the page of the DeeBee’s treat you love, select your flavor and quantity, and then click the ‘Subscribe and Save’ button right below ‘One Time Purchase’. 
  2. You will now be prompted to enter your preferred delivery frequency. This can be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly. 
  3. Hit add to cart! If you would like to add other DeeBee’s treats to your subscription, repeat steps 1 and 2 until your shopping cart shows all products you’d like included in your subscription. 
  4. Check out as usual to begin your subscription with us! You will now receive email confirmation with your subscription details and a link to access your customer portal and manage your subscription yourself anytime. If you don’t receive a confirmation email or are having trouble accessing the customer portal (using the customer icon on the top right of our website,) please contact us here! 

How Can I Modify My Subscription?

Looking to change the products included in your subscription, your delivery frequency, or cancel? To do so, simply log in by either:

  • Entering your customer account using the customer icon button on the top right of our website, logging in, and then clicking “My Subscriptions,” or 
  • Using the link to manage your subscription that can be found in your order confirmation email 

From this page, you can easily change the products and quantities within your subscription, payment method, delivery frequency, or cancel your subscription. Still need some help? Please contact us here and we’d love to help you with your subscription.