Ten Fun Father’s Day Activities for Family Bonding

Stumped on what to get Dad this Father’s Day? 

This year, we’re leaning into gifting our father figures an experience. Keep reading to learn why experiences make such beautiful gifts, and meet our ten favorite Father’s Day activities!  

What Makes Gifting Experiences So Special to Parents

While tangible gifts are a great way to make dad feel special, gifting experiences have their own set of benefits too.  

When gifting a loved one with an experience both of you can do together, you give them more than a special moment—you also give them a memory to look back on forever. Our favorite part? This is something that will never fade or tarnish like an object might. This makes gifting experiences even more special to parents —because some special time with you is something they can't otherwise buy!

Experiential gifts are also naturally personalized (since we choose activities the recipient would love!) and promote bonding more than tangible gifts. We’re big fans of sparking joy with experiences, and Father's Day is a great time to do this! Ready to meet our most-loved activities?

Ten Father's Day Activities to Promote Bonding and Joy

  • Cook a great meal, together! Something that’s even more special than cooking for Dad is cooking with him. Turn on some music, dance, and enjoy the process of creating something delicious, together. 
  • Try bowling, axe throwing, laser tag, an arcade, or an escape room! The point is, do something that’ll get both of you excited and living in the moment. We recommend keeping the activity a surprise until you get there! 
  • Craft together. We’ve talked about the health benefits of crafting before—and there’s no better time to experience them than this Father’s Day! Learn a new fiber art, paint together, or try one of our summer-camp-inspired crafts here.  
  • Have a backyard picnic or camping trip. You don’t need to go far to have an adventure! Set up a surprise for Dad by setting up a tent or picnic blanket in the backyard and bonding over an outdoor meal and starry night. 
  • Watch a movie he loves with him. Remember that favorite TV show or movie no one likes to watch except Dad? That’s right—turn it on and grab the popcorn! There’s no better feeling than seeing a person you love excited over rewatching their most treasured show. 
  • Have a great game night. Puzzle it out together, or invite the rest of the family to a game night with a big bowl of snacks. Nothing beats the feeling of getting competitive at Dad’s favorite games and enjoying some treats together! 
  • Take care of a task for him. Whether that’s running an errand, doing the dishes, or something larger, let Dad break into a smile when he realizes that something he was meaning to do has already been done. 
  • Sign yourselves up to learn something new. We recommend booking a pottery, glass blowing, candle dipping, or woodworking class with Dad. You’ll not only walk away with a great memory but also a tangible self-made object!  
  • Get out on the water! June is a time to enjoy the outdoors, and lakes and oceans are a great place to visit with Dad. Choose from fast-paced options like white-water river rafting to calmer activities like swimming and paddle-boarding.
  • Plant something together. Buy a start or small plant at your local garden center, and bring it home to plant with Dad! We recommend planting a tree or perennial flower that will grow more every year and serve as a symbol of family love.