The History of the SuperFruit Freezie Pop: Tracking Frozen Desserts through Time

Did you know that the popsicle was actually invented by an eleven year old?

However, fruit and ice has long since been a beloved combination in cultures around the world. Keep reading to learn the history of the fruit-based frozen dessert, and where we fit in with our own delicious SuperFruit Freezie Pops

The History of Frozen Ice and Fruit

While popsicles and freezer pops haven’t been around for thousands of years, the practice of enjoying fruits and ice as ingredients in desserts has! The history of the Roman Empire includes Grattachecca, a frozen dessert made with shaved ice, sweet syrups, and lots of fruit. The dessert was so delicious that patricians (ancient Roman aristocrats) would send runners to import snow in carts from nearby mountains just to prepare it in the summer. 

But that’s not all – ice and fruit has been a beloved combination not only for thousands of years, but also all around the world. 

But when exactly did ice and fruits shift from being separate ingredients in a frozen dessert to becoming a standalone sweet treat?

Frank Epperson and the Invention of the Popsicle 

The first popsicle ever was created by Frank Epperson - when he was only eleven years old! The story starts way back in 1905, when Epperson left a cup of soda (with his stirring stick still in it!) outside overnight, where it froze. When he tried the frozen soda on a stick, he called it the “Epsicle”! Epperson went forward to patent his ‘Epsicle’ in 1924, which even included the best types of wood to use as the stick that held the popsicle up. 

But how did the Epsicle become what is known today as the popsicle? This switch took the the United States by storm, and occurred after Epperson’s children took to calling the frozen treats “Pop’s sicles” – popsicles! 

Tracking the First Freezer Pop

The invention of the freezer pop however, follows a different storyline than popsicles. In the 1940s, USDA scientists began to freeze orange juice concentrate as a popular breakfast drink. This changed everything to juice drinkers who no longer had to deal with a “canned tasting” juice – they could simply thaw out the concentrate and add fresh water! Then came a large commercial treat company that began to use this refreezing technology to develop freezer pops – juice in plastic pouches that could be transported as liquid, and later enjoyed frozen! 

While these pops became a huge hit all over North America for how delicious and refreshing they were during the summer time, some of the ingredients in these commercial pops meant that not everyone could safely enjoy them. In fact, the artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives in traditional freezer pops meant that even DeeBee’s founder Dr. Dionne’s son couldn’t eat them. 

Meet Our Clean-Label Take: The SuperFruit Freezie Pop

This was the moment that changed everything for PhD medical scientist and CEO of DeeBee’s Organics, Dr. Dionne.

I had a ‘eureka’ moment and understood the reason why I spent all those years studying the effects of chemicals and toxins on child development – to create a company dedicated to providing every family with healthy, clean-label, organic treats to enjoy together!"

Meet our take on the classic freezer pop: the SuperFruit Freezie Pop! With all the yum of a traditional freezer pop, our delicious freezie pops are also:

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