The Importance of Self-Love On Valentine's Day

February is the month of love - not only for our friends, family, or partners, but also for ourselves! Did you know that February is also Heart Month? While Valentines is all about showing others how much you care, starting with your own health is the best way to show that same love to yourself. 


Looking for some simple ways to give your health a boost this Valentines? We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to show yourself and your health some love - both at Valentine’s, as well as throughout the year!


  1. Swap the sugary treats. Especially around Valentine’s day, it's tough to resist a sweet treat. With cookies, cupcakes and chocolate around every corner, it can feel impossible to cut down on sugar! While it’s okay to indulge occasionally, high sugar intake on a daily basis can wreak havoc on our system. Does this mean you have to abandon your afternoon treat or post-dinner dessert forever? Absolutely not! There’s no need to compromise when it comes to enjoying your favourite things - with DeeBee’s Organics, you can indulge in a sweet, clean frozen treat year ‘round.


  1. Connect with loved ones. With a global pandemic making it nearly impossible to see our friends and family, it’s been a tough year for our collective mental health and relationships. Stress and isolation, two major side effects of the pandemic, can have a major impact on your overall health and wellbeing - both mentally, and physically. This Valentines, connect with friends and family - socially distanced or virtually - to give some mood-boosting and stress reducing benefits! Switch it up with some virtual games, sharing a meal over Zoom, or hop on a call while you explore outside to get a two-for-one health boost.


  1. Review your ingredients. It can be so easy to fall into purchasing your tried and true products over and over when you’re at the grocery store, but what if there were sneaky ingredients harming your health in your everyday favourites? By focusing on clean food and avoiding these 5 common ingredients, you can give your health a boost with just a few simple switches. Especially when it comes to snacks and pre-packaged foods, it can be overwhelming to check and make sure you’re buying what’s best for your family. That is, unless you’re picking up a DeeBee’s Organics treat - in which case, you can shop without any concern for additives, preservatives, or harmful ingredients!


Looking to make simple improvements that go a long way for your health? We hope these tips give you a helpful start to showing yourself, and your health, some love this Valentine’s Day. Want to enjoy the sweetness of the season all year long? Pick up a package of DeeBee’s Organics frozen treats for a sweet moment without compromising on taste with quality, natural ingredients!