Shop Our NEW Gelato Pops 40 Pack in Canada and USA

Gelato Pops, anyone? 

It’s been a year since the incredible launch of our delicious Organic & Non-Dairy Gelato Pops, and there’s so much joy to look back on. We have been filled with gratitude at all the love you’ve shown our indulgent freezie pops these past twelve months—and we listened when you said you wanted more! Ready for the big reveal? 

Buy Non-Dairy Gelato Pops Online in Canada

We heard you last summer—more gelato pops, and not just in the US! After receiving many requests from our Canadian community wanting to try gelato pops the past year, we are delighted to say that we were able to make it happen! 

This summer, all Canadian fans can now shop our Non-Dairy Gelato Pops online on! To make it easier than ever to stock up and save this summer, you can shop our organic pops in a NEW family-friendly 40 pack just for you. If you’re located in the US and want to get in on the gelato pop love, you can also shop our NEW 40 pack here. 

Buy Non-Dairy Gelato Pops at Stores in Canada and the USA

We get it—sometimes you just need a gelato pop right now! 

If you’re looking to buy Gelato Pops at your local grocery store, check our store locator here for availability. If you can’t find us, did you know you can even learn how to  request your grocery store to carry more DeeBee’s right here? It only takes a few minutes, and can make a huge difference in helping get us on the shelf (and you stocked up on organic treats!) Keep reading to find out what makes our Gelato Pops so delicious and adored all summer long. 

Our Favorite Things about Organic Non-Dairy Gelato Pops

Ever since we launched our freeze-at-home Gelato Pops last year, the love has been overwhelming. So we thought we’d give you a quick recap of why our Gelato Pops are the treat of the summer, beyond tasting really delicious! 

  • Just like our SuperFruit Freezie Pops, our Non-Dairy Gelato Pops are certified organic, non-GMO project certified, and full of real fruit. 
  • Our Gelato Pops are creamy and indulgent without any dairy, made with a rich coconut milk base you can feel good about. 
  • As with all our other freezies, you can count on these creamy freezer pops to contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Our Non-Dairy Gelato Pops are also mindfully sweetened, and made without any refined sugars. 
  • Did we mention that our indulgent freezer pops come in three fruity flavors (lime, mango, and pineapple) that’ll satisfy all your cravings?