5 Ways to Spark Joy in Your Life

No matter where you find joy in life, we believe in the truly human desire to build a healthy and happy life. Our colorful world is filled with joy for everyone, for all time. Keep reading for ways to spark joy through connection, self-care and by creating meaning with loved one every day. 

Real Joy Versus Happiness

According to Psychologies.UK.co,  joy and happiness are intrinsically different emotions, but both feelings of personal peace–“a person pursues happiness, but seeks joy.” Joy is an internal feeling and connection to the heart; happiness is an external pursuit that connects to the brain's pleasure centers. Happiness ebbs and flows, while joy relates to enduring trials and difficult times with meaning and purpose.  

Finding Things That Spark Joy

Creating moments to welcome joy is important for leading a more fulfilling and purposeful life. Our top recommendations for creating joy in your life include:

  1. Using mediation to open your heart and mind to joy! Meditation quietens your mind and teaches you to open your heart and chest to your true purpose. Being able to recognize and accept joy into your life is the first step in leading a more joyful life, and meditation can help with that. Did you know that one of Dr. Dionne's favorite ways to wind down and find joy during the day is by meditating near the ocean?
  2. Cutting down on things that create artificial experiences of joy. Television, social media, and online shopping might all appear to bring joy and value to your life, but they can often clutter your mind and bring disconnect to your life. Try replacing this with sources of long-term joy, like spending time together with the ones you love to sense of connection. Preparing a meal together,, spending time outdoors, and even sharing some SuperFruit Freezies with your family are all great ways to take time out of the hustle and bustle and reconnect. 
  3. Reflecting, reflecting, reflecting. Once you have decided to welcome joy into your life, it is essential to reflect and express gratitude. We recommend keeping a journal to reflect on your experiences, practice gratitude and express your intentions for your life. If writing isn't your thing, try scrapbooking with images and stickers to reflect and create art at the same time, too.  

How Our Founder Dr. Dionne Finds Joy 

To learn more about joy, we sat down with our founder Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker to learn about how she finds joy in her life. “In reality, creating a business that not only provides for my family but also creates a connection to our communities brings me ultimate joy,” Dr. Dionne shares. “I am daily guided by a sense of purpose in what I do, which brings me a deep feeling of fulfilment and joy whenever I explore that purpose!”

In addition to her work, Dr. Dionne also shares how spending time with her children, practicing meditation, exercising, and working on her connection to her community all bring her joy. 

Let’s Chat More About Joy!

Are you ready to talk more about what joy and connection can bring your life? Here are some of our favourite books to explore this conversation further.