Our Favourite Ways To Use Frozen Foods | Frozen Foods Month | DeeBee's Organics

Frozen foods are one of the easiest ways to add quick, nutritious, and tasty foods to our plates, fast! From frozen ingredients to meals, treats, and cures for your family’s ailments, there’s almost nothing frozen food can’t do. We’re celebrating Frozen Food month by sharing our favourite ways to use frozen food for your everyday meals and life.


History of Frozen Food

Humans have been storing our food to keep it cool for thousands of years, but it was less than 100 years ago that frozen food became available to the masses. Freezers as we know them today, and the technology that made fast-freezing possible, was invented by Clarence Birdseye, an American fisherman who realized that flash-freezing was the best way to keep food fresh, tasty, and texturally appetizing. 


While frozen food started with mainly whole ingredients such as fish and vegetables, the 1950’s brought the beginning of what we know of freezer meals - complete dinners, prepared foods, and delicious treats.

We’ve definitely come a long way from the early days of frozen fish sticks and TV dinners, frozen food still plays an important role in feeding our families nutritious meals affordably and quickly.


Fun fact: popsicles were invented even before the invention of the flash freezer! An 11 year old boy named Frank Epperson invented the original tasty frozen treat - which just goes to show that the creativity and taste of kids can change the world!


Why Use Frozen Food?

There are lots of reasons why people incorporate frozen food and ingredients into their meals. For quick snacks, frozen food allows you to warm food in minutes, or eat cold treats right away - saving time and storage of fresh ingredients!


Especially for fruits and vegetables, frozen ingredients have the advantage of keeping their freshness for longer - we all know the frustration of finding the forgotten head of broccoli at the back of the fridge that has gone to waste! By having fruits and veggies flash frozen at their most fresh and nutritious, you can ensure you’re cooking a wholesome meal without worrying about your ingredients going to waste. In areas where fresh foods are sometimes scarce, frozen foods make nutrition more accessible and affordable than the fresh counterparts. 


Freezing food also allows you to be prepared - instead of having to quickly use up what’s on your shelves or in your fridge, cooking meals and snacks ahead of time to freeze extends the life of your perishables, while saving you time on preparing food throughout the week. 


Tips for Using Frozen Food

Depending on the ingredients or meals you’re using, there are ways to make the most of your frozen foods so they stay delicious after cooking!


  • Freeze To Extend The Life Of Your Food: Veggies or herbs about to go bad, but you don’t want to throw them in the trash? Freeze them raw or cook them into a dish that can remain good for months in the freezer!
  • Proper Storage: Make sure that your bags are completely sealed, and that frozen food is covered or contained in a freezer-grade container or bag. This will help avoid the dreaded freezer burn, which can impact the taste and texture of your food once it’s been cooked.
  • Account for Moisture: Especially with items like berries and vegetables, moisture is stored in the food when freezing. This means when you’re using these ingredients for baking or stovetop cooking, it’s important to account for this additional moisture and either defrost and drain before use, or adjust your liquid elsewhere in the recipe.
  • Use the Right Cooking Method: Unless the package says so, more often than not you’re going to want to avoid using the microwave to defrost your food, as the high heat and speed can create inconsistent texture and easily overcook food (turning your veggies and fruit to mush!). Instead make the most of your oven, air fryer, or stovetop for best results when reheating.
  • Package Individual Servings: Perfect for a weeknight meal and popular for baby-led weaning, packaging and freezing ingredients and meals in individual portions allows you to defrost and eat only as much as you need!


Frozen food is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re eating healthy, nutritious food without compromising on taste! One of our favourite things to keep stocked in our freezers? DeeBee’s SuperFruit Freezies and Organic FruitPops, of course! The perfect snack or treat, DeeBee’s gives the whole family frozen fun without sacrificing the taste and nutrition of superfoods.