Championing Inclusivity at DeeBee’s Organics

No matter who you are or where you come from, we believe that every human deserves to be celebrated for their existence and authenticity.

Our colorful world is filled with safety and joy for everyone, all the time. Keep reading to learn about inclusivity, why it means so much to Dr. Dionne, and how we implement inclusive practices every day at DeeBee’s Organics. 

What is Inclusivity?

Inclusivity is about making sure that everyone around us feels welcome, valued, heard, and respected no matter who they choose to be or where they come from. Inclusivity is not simply an expression - it is a mindset and a practice that requires intentional and conscious work from everyone, and refers to the ongoing action to love and respect everyone in a community. 

Each human being is different in many beautiful ways, and at DeeBee’s Organics, we have always believed and will continue to believe in the celebration of this. Being different is powerful, but being loved and respected for being different gives people superpowers–something everyone deserves to feel!

The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusivity

You might sometimes see the terms ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ being used interchangeably, but what differentiates the two, and why do we choose to champion inclusivity? 

According to The Global Diversity Practice, diversity refers to our differences and how they affect the people we are, the experiences we’ve had, and the perspectives we bring. Diversity can be found all around us, like in a group of students in a classroom or in the people exploring a park. The Earth is filled with diversity! We can also be diverse in many ways: religion, gender, age, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status are some ways people can be different from each other. 

On the other hand, inclusion is about understanding those differences and leveraging them so that everyone can feel loved as their most authentic self. Inclusion is much more than respecting a diverse group of people–it is the conscious ongoing effort to include and love everyone, regardless of how different they might be from ourselves or other people. In this sense, diversity often doesn’t mean much unless we can be inclusive, too–while diversity is about recognizing our differences, inclusion is about appreciating our differences! 

Why Do We Choose to Champion Inclusivity? 

We believe that everyone has both the responsibility and ability to champion inclusivity every day of their lives. To Dr. Dionne, it will never be enough to simply allow people the freedom to be who they are: instead, she believes in celebrating people who show up as their most authentic self. At DeeBee’s Organics, making sure that everyone understands that they deserve to be celebrated is a value and mission shared by every single one of us. 

As a business with a far reach and the ability to be a force for good, championing inclusivity is not just something we can do, but something that’s at the heart of who we are. With a diverse team filled with people who are both respected and celebrated for their unique perspectives, we are on the inside as colorful as the world we want to see on the outside! To Dr. Dionne, “Our colorful world not only represents the delicious organic fruit based treats we make, but also a world in which children are cherished and encouraged to be who they are authentically and freely!” 

How We Engage With Inclusivity 

Now that we’ve shared our passion for inclusivity and vision for the future, how do we practice inclusion at DeeBee’s Organics?  

Being humble, learning, and engaging in inclusion will be a journey that DeeBee’s Organics will always be on. It’s important to remember that we can always do more for those around us, and we encourage you to share in our passion to make our world as colorful and safe as it can be!