How To Feel Your Best During The Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner, and our team can’t wait for the delicious food, fun activities and quality time spent with family. After all, the holiday season is supposed to be a magical time with full bellies and full hearts. 

But the reality for parents is that the holiday season is a very busy time and can impose extra stress on all of us mentally, physically, and financially. No matter what your plans are this holiday season, here is our guide for feeling your best and managing the holiday stress. 

Schedule Self-Care

We don’t have to explain to you that the holiday season can be downright frantic sometimes. Maybe you’re hosting family gatherings this year, or it’s a really busy time at work, or maybe it’s a little bit of everything. No matter what is causing you stress this December, taking the time to schedule in some self-care can do wonders for your mental and emotional health. 

Not sure where to find time for self-care? This is our reminder that self-care looks different for everyone, and it doesn’t always need to be a getaway to the spa (but if it is, you do you!) Getting some extra sleep, delegating tasks, booking time with friends or even taking the time to prepare healthy and nutritious on-the-go snacks are all forms of self-care. 

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Set Boundaries (And Stick To Them!)

Another great way to combat holiday stress, and incorporate a little self-care, is by setting and maintaining your personal boundaries. Easier said than done, right? 

Setting boundaries with family, friends, your partner, and work can help you better manage expectations for this busy time and clearly outline the space you need to focus on your own well-being. 

Early in the season, we recommend sitting down and writing down the boundaries you hope to maintain this holiday season. Communicate these boundaries clearly with those around you. Those boundaries are inevitably going to be challenged in some way or another, so practice your polite but firm responses for friends, family and coworkers. With a bit of preparation and clear expectations, you can protect your boundaries and maintain your relationships. 

Set A Budget

Another way to reinforce boundaries in your life is to set a budget for all things holiday-related. From holiday parties to buying gifts from Santa, the holiday season can put an additional financial strain on our families. 

To alleviate this stress, here are some of our top tips for sticking to a holiday budget this year:

  1. The most important tip on our list: set a budget for holiday shopping! Set a budget and keep track of your ongoing shopping expenses, so you have a clear idea of exactly how much you are spending and on what!
  2. Make homemade or low-budget gifts for those folks who might not be on your big shopping list. Santa has to buy presents for the whole world, not you.
  3. Plan ahead and scope for deals. Starting your holiday shopping early will help you take advantage of sales, coupons and deals available when you shop online.  

The Gift Of Quality Time

And lastly, don’t forget about the most important part of the holiday season: the gift of quality time. Taking the time to create meaningful memories and connections with your family is what this season is truly all about. After all, the gifts will one day go away, but those magical holiday moments can last a lifetime. 

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Happy Holidays!

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No matter how you celebrate, we hope these tips help to alleviate some of the stress and bring the magic back to the holiday season. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!