How To Help Kids Get Ready for Back to School

With summer wrapping up, the time has finally come to consider the back-to-school routine! For parents of school-aged children, going back to school can be a difficult transition back to early mornings, busy evenings and generally hectic schedules. While some chaos is inevitable, here is our tried-and-true guide for getting back into the school time routine for the entire family. 

Create Good Routines Early

Back to school means back to early mornings, scheduled bedtimes, and busy morning drop-offs at daycare, school and work. To streamline your morning routine come September, we recommend establishing morning and bedtime routines for your entire family.

Some of our tried and true tips for getting back into the swing of school time routines include:

  • Set a schedule and make it fun! Create a sticker chart, incorporate games or add a little fun to getting dressed or bathtime.
  • Get children excited for school by test driving your morning routine by walking, driving or practicing taking the bus to school.
  • Teach new skills and self-efficiency by asking your kids for help with essential tasks like brushing their teeth, packing their lunches or picking out their school supplies

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Find Healthy Snacks and Treats for Busy Days

One of the best ways to set your kids up for success in a school year is to fuel their day with healthy and accessible snacks. We recommend having fresh fruits and veggies sliced and peeled in snack-sized portions for kids to grab on the go or pack in lunches quickly. And don’t forget about healthy treats in the car in the morning or for an afternoon snack. We love having our SuperFruit Freezies in the freezer for an after-school treat!

Learn to Make Packing Lunches Fun

The best way to take the mundane out of daily tasks like making lunches is to make them enjoyable for your kids! Whether you are still packing lunches for your family or your kids are helping out, packing lunches doesn’t need to be a chore with a bit of creativity. We recommend checking out our DeeBee’s Organics Pinterest for fun ideas to theme your kids’ lunches!

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Make That Summertime Feeling Last With Freezies

Returning to class doesn’t just mean school supplies and busy schedules; it also means colder days, less sunlight and all things winter. To help fuel your family’s body and minds, we recommend finding unique ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your day, even when the weather changes. We love adding a bit of the summertime vibe to even the coldest of days with our Tropical SuperFruit Freezies. Be sure to check out our blog for some great tips on using frozen fruit in the winter, intuitive eating and vitamins that our bodies need in the winter

For an easy way to pack a healthy punch to your day, even in the winter months, grab a pack of our SuperFruit Freezies for an all-natural treat on the go. 

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