Ingredients with Integrity: Our DeeBee’s Organics Standards

At DeeBee’s Organics, we have always believed in ingredients from integrity. From that fateful day in our founder, Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker’s kitchen, to the full-scope SuperFruit Freezie operation we have today, our goal has always been to create tasty, nutritious snacks with ingredients we are proud of!

Keep reading for all the ways we stand behind our ingredients with integrity promise. 

Beyond Certified Organic

Our SuperFruit Freezies are Certified Organic according to Canada-Organic’s highest standards, and are bursting with real-fruit organic ingredients picked at fresh ripeness! Grown without the use of pesticides and never genetically engineered or modified, our fruit contains neither GMOs or other chemicals. As part of our business model, we are committed to providing the highest standards of sustainability, transparency and performance in all areas of our business, including the processing methods we choose and the farms we source from. That’s why we like to call our products ‘beyond-certified organic,’ which you can learn more about here

Sourcing Only The Best Fruit

But how do we achieve our beyond-certified organic mandate, you might ask? Easy - we source only the best organic fruit from the most reputable farms and processing facilities. We ensure our fruit comes from non-GMO seeds and is picked and frozen at peak ripeness to lock in the nutrients, antioxidants, and most importantly, promote delicious taste!

To Dr. Dionne, business has been about being a force for good since day one–a mindset that has helped us foster a healthy planet every day. Today, our choices when it comes to sourcing delicious fruit is all about promoting a colorful world where everyone can be nourished by a rainbow of fruits and vegetables straight from the earth. We’ve come a long way from Dr. Dionne’s kitchen experiments!


The Benefits Of Our SuperFruit Freezies

Here are just some of the reasons why we love our SuperFruit Freezies, and we think you will too!

  • Our clean-label spin on the classic freezer pop is bursting with real fruit puree with no added sugars, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Learn more about our commitment to being artificial-dye free here!
  • Our SuperFruit Freezies are entirely plant-based and deliciously allergen-friendly, too.
  • Because we pick and freeze our fruit purees at peak ripeness, our SuperFruit Freezies are packed with all the critical vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that fruit has to offer - with no malic acid whatsoever!
  • Each SuperFruit Freezie is only 6g of naturally occurring sugar with no additional sweeteners added to ensure the most naturally sweet taste possible.
Want to learn even more about our commitment to real fruit goodness? Check out our blog posts on our beyond-organic promise and the five reasons we choose organic for our families.