Our 5 Best Summer Ideas to Get Your Family Outdoors

Summer weather and vacation time combine to create the perfect conditions for rest, adventure, and fun! Getting in touch with nature over the summer is a great way to improve your mental and physical health, nurture family bonds, and create summer traditions and memories that last a lifetime.

At DeeBee’s Organics, we know how important spending time outdoors is for your mind and body. Here are our best summer ideas to get your family outdoors!

Defeating the Digital Daze

While there’s nothing wrong with kids setting aside a bit of time every day to wind down on a digital device, it isn’t healthy in the long term to have young eyes using technology all day. By encouraging those you love to spend more time outdoors, your family will increase exposure to sunlight and unlock the positive effects of natural Vitamin D! Did you know that a steady and safe exposure to sunlight can result in an improved mood and boosted memory?

Encourage a Love of Nature

Encouraging kids to head outside and enjoy all of the wonder and whimsy of nature helps to instill within them not only a life-long love fornature, but a respect for the Earth itself. By making outdoor play a part of their daily routines, children will naturally begin to want to enjoy more time outdoors connecting with their natural environment!

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the benefits of outdoor activities for children include:

  • Increased physical activity and interest in fitness
  • Improved cognitive functions, including memory
  • Increased interest in nature, wildlife, and the environment
  • Enhanced social and problem-solving skills
  • Reduced symptoms of ADHD, depression, and stress

Summer Ideas for Outdoor Family Activities

Create Whimsical Nature Bracelets

Explore nature and learn more about the local flora in your area with this family-friendly multi-sensory activity everyone can participate in! Simply take a piece of duct tape, and wrap it loosely around your child’s wrist so the sticky side is on the outside. This “sticky bracelet” is the perfect canvas for kids to gather flowers, leaves, twigs, and feathers to create natural and wearable art!

Make a Forest of Animals From Trees

Gather different sizes of pine cones, branches, and dried leaves to create adorable woodland creatures. This craft is an ideal way to bring the best of the outdoors indoors! Besides the pinecones, all you need to get crafty is a pair of scissors, coloured paper, and pipe cleaners. Tip: try doing this activity once a season and capturing the end product on camera to see how the colors of the forest objects and animals change through the months!

Plan a Backyard Camping Trip

What’s better than enjoying the great outdoors in your very own backyard? This time, try involving the kids in the planning, and help them decide on what they need to camp outside for a night. Set up a tent with sleeping bags and pillows, and enjoy fun activities like roasting weenies, making s’mores, watching the stars, or playing lawn games like cornhole!

Enter a Charity 5K Walk

5K walks tend to be welcoming and fun for all ages, especially if you  pick a theme as a family and dress up in silly costumes for the race! Training for a5K run is also a great way to integrate consistent outdoor exercise into your family’s  routine in the weeks leading up to the race.

Explore A Local Pond

Nothing says summer like a trip to a nearby pond–especially when you bring a magnifying glass, mason jar, and a notepad with you! Exploring the wildlife of your local wetlands is a great way to create interest in nature, science, and biology with your kids. They can look for frogs and tadpoles along the edges of the pond and use the magnifier to examine the finer details of leaves, flowers, and insects. They can then create sketches of what they see or make notes about the beauty of nature around them. If they wear waterproof sandals and swimsuits, they can also wade into the pond to cool off and get a closer look at the action!

Choosing to spend more time outdoors in the summer has many benefits for both children and parents! With the hustle and bustle of our increasingly digital lives, it’s become essential to make time in your family’s schedule for fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and joy!