Our Favorite No-Sugar-Added Activities For A Family-Friendly Valentine’s Day

Happy February! As we welcome the month of love and shake off the January blues, February is a great month to spend more quality time with the people we love. 

While DIY gifts  can be a great way to show all the people you love that you care, getting crafty with your loved ones can be even sweeter. Though it can be easy to stick to decorating sugar cookies and exchanging candy hearts, here are our five favorite ways to share the love with your family this Valentine’s Day (with no added sugar!) 

Bring Everyone In and Host a Red Food Day

You heard us right - try hosting a day where everyone you love eats only red foods and dishes for a day! This is a great way to get into the spirit of the month while also including everyone in an activity that is sure to become a tradition. 

We recommend trying this activity with family by spending time at the grocery store looking for red ingredients and foods, like apples, raspberries, red peppers, tomato sauce, and salsa. (Hint: try making a red pizza by adding just a bit of beet powder in the dough!) Hosting a red food day can be a great way to promote family bonding while spending time shopping, cooking, eating, and laughing together. 

Share the Love: Meet Our DeeBee's Printable Valentines

One of our favorite ways to express love will always be with a little help from the classic valentine. This year, try printing and cutting out our free downloadable valentines to add some extra love to your loved one’s lunches and snacks! If you’re eager to make our valentines even sweeter, we like to slide in some SuperFruit Freezie Pops with them to bring even bigger smiles to everyone’s faces - check out our easy instructions to do this here!

If you’re looking to share our valentines with more than just loved ones this year, try handing them out on an afternoon walk, or grocery run with family. This can be a great way to bring joy to those within the community during the month of love, and get children involved in spreading kindness too. 

Spark Joy with the Sweetest Scavenger Hunt

It’s well known that adults and children alike love scavenger hunts - and Valentines is the perfect time to bring one to life! We especially love how this activity reminds everyone in a family why they are loved in a tangible way that’s easy to hang onto for years to come.

Our favorite way to do this is simple to set up: each family member cuts 5-10 multicolored paper hearts to write notes on, with each person getting assigned a ‘color’ - for example, any yellow hearts indicate notes that are meant for Mom. Each person then writes reasons why they love each family member (in their respective color) and hides them around the house. Then, everyone hunts for hearts of their color Mom would look for only yellow hearts, for example) and gets to read about all the reasons their family loves them!

Enjoy a Valentine's Day Bingo Night 

If you’re looking for a low-effort, everyone-wins option to spend time with your loved ones this month, look no further than Valentine’s bingo! The only prep work required for this activity is making sure bingo cards and tokens are printed out, as well as gifts prepped for everyone (we love giving out flowers, or these handmade clay conversation heart favors!) If you’re free on time, you can even make your own to include sweet sayings to your favorite people! 

Some of our favorite free downloadable Valentine’s Day themed bingo sets include this simple conversation heart bingo and this kid-friendly Valentine’s bingo

Plant Seeds of Love in Time for Spring

Want the Valentine's love to last well into the Spring? Try spending some time with your family starting seedlings indoors in preparation for March, when they can be potted outside. Spend time at your local garden store and let everyone pick their favorite flower or vegetable seedling that can be started indoors, then take them home and get potting! 

This can be a great time to talk to young children about the love humans can give not only to each other, but back to the Earth too. We recommend letting everyone name their seedlings, and watch them grow as the month progresses!