Top 5 Summer Essentials: Amazon Prime Finds!

Did you know that humans are actually happiest during summer?

This is thanks to the relationship between sunlight and our own serotonin levels – the hormone that makes us feel happy and also boosts our mood! This summer, we’re encouraging everyone to get outdoors and spend more time with the people you love. To support this, we’ve taken out the hardest part of having a deliciously cool summer: finding what you need! Keep reading for our favorite summer essentials that will keep you enjoying the outdoors all season long.

PS: Did we mention these are easily shoppable Amazon Prime products that also ship fast? Happy shopping!

1. DeeBee’s Organics Tropical SuperFruit Freezie Pops

You don’t need to get on a plane to taste the tropics this year! Using plant-based, gluten-free ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors, added sugar, or preservatives, these Tropical SuperFruit Freezie Pops are the perfect summer staple. With three refreshing flavor options fit for every member of the family, these freezie pops are a great complement for a beach day, picnic, and everything in between! Did we mention they're certified organic and Non-GMO Project verified too? 

2. DeeBee’s Organics Non-Dairy & Organic Gelato Pops

Looking for something even more indulgent but just as refreshing? Look no further than these Non-Dairy and Organic Gelato Pops that provide all the yum of a creamy gelato - all without the sugar and dairy! Made without refined sugars, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, these dreamy pops are the perfect match for all outdoor activities this summer!

3. Yeti Tundra Cooler

Ready to get outside but need to keep your DeeBee’s pops cold? Look no further than the Yeti cooler, which has a flat wall design that promotes some of the best ice retention around! With anti-slip and rotomolded construction, this cooler will last your family decades, through storms, dirt, and even keep your freezie pops cool all day long! 

4. Thinkbaby Family Safe Sunscreen

With SPF 50+ and broad spectrum protection, Think Sunscreen is a necessity this summer! Safe for babies and adults, this waterproof sunscreen is free of biologically harmful chemicals and is also entirely fragrance free! With easy application absorption, and hours of protection, this sunscreen is a must for any summer trips with the family. 

5. FBSPORT UV Protected Pop Up Portable Summer Tent

Perfect for a family of three to four, this beach tent is not only easy to set up, but water repellent, ventilated, and provides protection from the sun’s rays.  It also comes with a lightweight carry case for easy transport to and from beaches, parks, and campsites. 

Ready to get outdoors now with your family-safe summer essentials in hand? Don’t forget to explore our favorite summer activity ideas to get your family outside enjoying nature like never before.