Welcome to the New DeeBee’s Organics!

In 2013, founder and PhD medical scientist Dionne Laslo-Baker first created DeeBee’s Organics. Since then, we’ve come a long way with our deliciously organic Classic SuperFruit Freezies! Today marks the big reveal of the brand new DeeBee’s Organics look, and we are so excited to be sharing it with you. 

New Look, Same Great Taste 

Bursting with fruit, color, and fun, our new brand look showcases all that we believe in—health, inclusivity, and joy! We are so excited for our new look to appear in all the places you love us most: starting now, you can expect to find the new DeeBee’s Organics in stores and online across the USA and Canada, bringing life to our vibrant instagram, and in everything we choose to support

 At DeeBee’s, we believe in the potential of a colorful world where differences are celebrated and everyone is nourished with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables straight from the earth. This vibrant world is one where children are encouraged to be who they are, both authentically and freely! Armed with our mission to support all kids to confidently step into the best version of themselves, we are so excited for how we show up to reflect everything Team DeeBee’s believes in. 

Our Beautiful Ten Year Journey 

To our founder Dr. Dionne, the DeeBee’s Organics colorful world doesn’t just represent the world we want to see, but who we strive to be on the inside. She shares:

“I love love LOVE our colorful world that represents so much about our incredibly diverse and inclusive team, the heart and soul of who we are, as well as the joyful, delicious, colorful, and 'fruitful' treats we make! I could not imagine a better way for us to move forward as a brand than how we show up today.”

Since we first became a company on August 10th, 2013, it has always been about authenticity to Dr. Dionne. She shares that her own excitement for our new look comes with waves of humility and gratitude for everyone who has supported her, all the way from her very first step in launching DeeBee’s Organics! We’ve come a long way—but what we believe in has never changed. With 2023 marking a decade of DeeBee’s Organics, our founder admits that she sometimes stops in her tracks with emotion and gratitude. 

“I am also so overwhelmingly proud of how far we have come and how much perseverance we have all had as a team to make it through so many challenges to get to where we are today. I am also so filled with pride!! It's kind of like watching your baby grow up and graduate from high school as a bright-eyed individual excited about what lies ahead!”

The Roots of DeeBee's Organics

If you’re feeling as sentimental as we are about our beautiful journey, take a trip down memory lane and learn about how our SuperFruit Freezies first came to be. Ever since that fateful day in Dr. Dionne’s kitchen, our roots have always been ingrained in family, health, and joy. To Dr. Dionne, our new look has also brought her own adventure of inventing DeeBee’s Organics to life like never before. When asked about this major milestone of our growth, our founder shares:

I have never felt quite as excited as I am today about where DeeBee's has evolved to be. The way our team was able to bring this to life in a way that is beyond what I could ever dream of makes me feel so proud and excited that we are able to bring this vision to reality!

We can’t wait for you to experience the color, joy, and love found in every detail of our delicious new DeeBee’s Organics look. In the meantime, explore more behind-the-scenes thoughts from Dr. Dionne in this  full interview with our founder