With Love from Dr. Dionne: A Letter to You

Dear DeeBee's community,

Another whirlwind summer filled with DeeBee’s, and I can’t help but feel a crazy sense of ‘pinch me now’! 
We recently celebrated our 10th birthday, and it has been an incredible journey to get where we are today.

When I read messages from people who understand and appreciate the value of what we are building, it means so much. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel gratitude for our team, my family, our beautiful DeeBee’s fans, and the joy filled memories we create!

One of my favorite moments this summer was seeing our SuperFruit Freezie Pops available at ALL Costco stores across the US! And in more even locations like Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale, Kroger and Walmart. It brought tears to my eyes seeing our work, our energy, and love translate to other people who understand the core of what we do - what a beyond magical moment! So many people tried DeeBee’s for the first time this summer, and I was lucky enough to meet with some passionate warehouse managers who were blown away by a founder visiting stores and how quickly DeeBee’s was selling! I cannot tell you how much it means to me when I hear the love your families have for our products. I remember standing to the side of many aisles with tears in my eyes watching people put DeeBee’s in their cart. We have come so far!

I jokingly call our organic treats my babies from how much love and work goes into making them, and this summer our DeeBee’s family actually doubled in size with two new products! We launched our Non-Dairy & Organic Gelato Pops in April, which are quickly becoming a fan-favorite! They’re made with organic coconut milk, which makes them rich and dreamy without dairy, refined sugar, or anything artificial. We’ve always been proud to use only organic ingredients from our beautiful Earth. We even took a trip to Italy where we enjoyed Sicilian Granita almost every day: this led to our May product launch, a deliciously scoopable Organic Italian Ice! I loved working with our team to create our Organic Italian Ice, and loved seeing your families scoop them up even more!

I hope that you all have a healthy, safe, and happy start to the new season! While I’m no longer packing lunches or picking up kids from school these years, I’m so grateful that DeeBee’s gets to be part of these special moments in your families. Thank you for every tag, comment, and note – they mean so much to this mama founder!

All my love, 
Dr. Dionne Laslo-Baker