DeeBee’s at Costco USA: Find Us All Summer Long!

This year, we are excited to share that summer just got a lot sweeter.

Starting early April, our delicious Classic SuperFruit Freezie Pops will be stocked at all Costco USA locations until supplies last! Keep reading to learn how to use our new store locator and confirm that our pops are available at the Costco near you.

Let's Get Classic at Costco USA

That’s right: we’re bringing our Classic SuperFruit Freezie Pops back, in our beloved family-friendly 35 pack! Available coast to coast at all Costco USA locations, we can’t wait to share the sweetness with you this summer. To ensure that we’re in stock at the Costco closest to you, simply add your zip/postal code to our store locator map here to find the Classic 35 packs closest to you.

​​Please note that Costco carries items on a rotating basis and while supplies last, so don’t be disheartened if you can’t find us. Keep reading to learn how to use our NEW store locator to discover all the places DeeBee’s is stocked. 

Meet our Store Locator and Find DeeBee's All Summer Long!

This summer, we made it a mission to make sure that our treats are easier to find! Introducing our new store locator, where you can find all the DeeBee’s close to you by simply adding your zip/postal code into the map. With this tool, you can not only find out if we’re stocked at your favorite grocery or club store, but also shop us via our online retailers!

If you’re looking for a specific DeeBee’s product to enjoy, try using our Product Finder to search for just the organic treat you’re craving (like our Non-Dairy Gelato Pops,) or use the links below to shop your favorites. 

Meet Still Having Trouble Finding Us? Here's How to Troubleshoot for Treats

Can’t find any DeeBee’s close by? If we’re out of stock or not at a store near you yet, you can always shop our organic treats right here if you’re in the US, or shop on Amazon if you’re in Canada. If you’d like to see us at a store we’re not in yet, don’t forget to request us at your local grocery store by following the easy steps here. 

If you’re still looking for some extra help finding your favorite DeeBee’s treats, we’d love to hear from you—please contact us here.